1 May


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As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie and female now in my thirties (for 36 days anyway…), I can safely say I’ve read about fifty million different articles claiming that THEY know all the top beauty products/treatments on the face of this earth. Well my friends they are ALL wrong. ALL fifty million of them, and I am right. While I totally have fugly days (just like Regina George), I also have days where I look into the mirror and just say > BOOM. Today was one of them and even the wind was on my side for the making of this pic! Below is a list of my top ten beauty faves, so give em’ a whirl – or don’t. Mwah!

BIO OIL – my body literally consumes more Bio Oil than water on a daily basis (I am naughty I know!), but it’s the truth. I apply it eva-reee-where > face, body, hair. She is my bestie, sorry Soph!

PURE TAN (DARK FOAM) – let me tell you, while my English DNA works wonder for aging, it does not when it comes to tanning. I am blindingly (pls excuse my making-up of words) pale and have been known to squeak in the direct sun, so naturally I cannot live without a great tanning lotion. Don’t forget a mitt too peeps – dirty/stinky tan hands are so 2002

CHLOE FROM BB TAN – Chloe has seen me naked (under down lights) more times than I care to think about, and she still loves me! Woo #winning. She is the best of the best when it comes to mobile spray tanning and I just love her face. Here’s her mob (if you’re Melb based), just don’t take my bloody appointments ok?! 0433 220 096

INGLOT (CREME CONCEALER) – number 67. I use this every single day and have done for almost ten years. It retails for about $22 and lasts months and months. Fab for tired mamma eyes and full coverage

DR LEWINN’S (Reversaderm range) – ahhhhhhhh-mazing, beyond. Get this shit on your face immediately and thank me later

BLISTEX – the medicated relief formula. I apply this just before I get into bed every night and I have always have soft, nourished lips. I love it! FYI – if you do decide to wear this out in public, please ensure you rub your lips together or you may look like that dirty BJ seal joke… TMI?! Whatevs, I’ve got your back so don’t be a hater

CAUDALIE HYDRATING MIST – aka the Beauty Elixir. I used this for the first time when I interned with the beauty team at Grazia magazine in London and it changed my life – particularly during the cooler months when the heating dries out your face during the day (now available at Sephora – woo!)

CRABTREE & EVELYN (EVELYN ROSE HAND CREAM) – I am not really sure what else I need to say here other than just buy it…

CHANEL (PERFECT BROW KIT) – thanks for my English DNA (again), I was cursed/blessed (whatever way you want to look at it!) with very fair hair – this includes my brows. I tint my brows every three weeks and God help me if I get caught under some down lights when I am overdue! I also use this kit every single day to fill them in. My browspo is Rachel Taylor – the bigger and darker the better I say!

FOUNDATION SPONGE (the cheapest one you can find!) – while my MUA friends are probably experiencing a series of sick-burps as I write this (soz Zoe & Kerry!), I love em! The older the better, the cheaper the better and more feral and falling apart the better! Yep, I am that gross. I use this to buff my foundation when applying a full face (as well as a buffer brush) and love the control and finish #whateverworks

SJ x