13 Nov



“Ageing is not an option, not for anyone. It is how gracefully we handle the process and how lucky we are, as the process handles us” – Cindy Mcdonald.

I adore this quote, however I believe you can absolutely still control a large part of your own ageing passage as well. Sure, so much of our skin health and how we age is predetermined by our DNA, and then obvious environmental and lifestyle factors. Having said that, making a conscious effort from your early 20’s to avoid certain foods/drinks, the sun, using the right products and doing the right treatments for you plays a huge role in how ‘gracefully’ we age. Being the science-backed-beauty-buff that I am, today’s review features the Olay Total Effects range: products and prices, how they can be used, the benefits and features of this specialised formula and my own two scents just for some JFYI on the side.


20-something year olds listen-up! Yes you. Skin damage is still invisible and the route of all evil – no not really, but it kind of is in the beauty and ageing world. Research has shown way too many women are skipping UV protection and paying the price further down the track. I am a big believer in a preventative beauty regime and knowledge is power ladies. Oh, and you 30-something year olds I haven’t finished there! YOUR (our!) skin’s metabolism is starting to slow – much like everywhere and everything else! This can lead to a decline in surface cell turnover and the harmful UV damage you may have accumulated will begin to show (age spots, fine lines). I think it’s safe to say most of us value anti-ageing skincare and beauty regimes highly, but there’s also a think called reality. Invasive treatments and injections may work for you, but they are expensive, more risks involved and are far more time consuming than an in-home skincare option.

Today I’ve featured the Olay Total Effects 7 in One range specifically. This range has recently been re-engineered with a whole-lotta love and some amazing new ingredients >

  • Now comes with 50% more Vitamin E (anti-oxidant and protects skin against radical damage)
  • Vitamin B3 (brightens skin tone – um, yes please!)
  • This range is oil-free, fast absorbing and really works to enhance YOUR skin’s own natural renewal process 

DAY CREAM – This is probably my fave piece of the range. My biggest concern (and has been for the last ten or so years), has been skin tone. While my skin is naturally very pale, I must say it’s in great condition and I owe that to my DNA and hardly spending anytime in the sun. It’s only natural to be more or less happy with some aspects of our skin, so ensure you find a range like this what meets your criteria. It is available in both the normal and the gentle 7 In One Day Creams have an SPF 15. They both have green tea and vitamin enriched formulas (B3, Pro-B5, E), anti-ageing complex are fast absorbing and will absolutely not clog your pores – this retails for $32.99 (and very generous in how it spreads)

FOAMING CLEANSER – This cleanser I’ve found is very gentle (and on/around eyes), and still removes all your make-up and your daily grind build-up. I would definitely recommend this product for those with sensitive skin. The RRP is $13.99, so very affordable too

NIGHT CREAM – This cream is great for dark circles and tired eyes and ticks a lot of boxes for those with anti-ageing skincare requirements (um, every single one of us ha!). While it feels beautifully thick and creamy, it applies beautifully and absolutely does not clog. Another Olay fave is the Regenerist Night Recovery Cream if you’re a big night cream kinda-gal like me – the RRP is $22.99

THE ENTIRE RANGE: For those who don’t like going totally nude (face-wise!) to the gym, the Total Effects range also has a BB Cream for minimal coverage but the same fab effects of the day cream (inc. SPF15). The Daily Serum is also another beautiful option for daily use and it looks gorgeous on with some light powder for work/weekends (luminous finish – LOVE it).

I hope this product breakdown helped and if you want some more super detailed advice on YOUR specific skin concerns and/or skin type, CLICK HERE

P.S these are now all available on shelves near you!