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BEAUTY : BAIES & THE BEAUTIFUL - | She is, Sarah Jane
9 Apr




The most beautiful thing a woman can ever wear is confidence. Oh, and a damn fine scent. DUH. Not a surprising statement, coming from the woman who sprays perfume ALL. OVER. HER. BODY before she gets into bed each night. True story. Here are some gorgeous words that pretty much sum-up how I feel about the whole it-sue >“A perfume is an intimate object, it is the reflector of the heart” – Emanuel Ungaro. Yes, yes, yes. For me, it’s also the most powerful memory stimuli – taking me right back to a specific moment, person, feeling and then some. So, it won’t surprise you when I say I’m SCENT OBSESSED – for body and home. Today’s post is all about my Diptyque addiction – a little more about the brand and its history, my fave pieces and their prices. Enjoy – just not too much!

A B O U T  D I P T Y Q U E :

Diptyque is a legendary French perfumer and maker of luxury home fragrances. Diptyque scours the globe, gathering together from the world’s finest gardens, blending botany and artistic creation in a perfumed, poetic alchemy. How seductive was that description?! You had me at before hello. Diptyque has a catalogue of twelve flowers that will fill your heart and home with poetic happiness – this I can personally promise you. Just bringing the post back to reality for a few seconds though… Diptyque ain’t cheap, so I would suggest only burning these candles for your favourite people! JOKES. Not really

B A I E S  B R E A K D O W N :

CANDLE / One of Diptyque’s most iconic scents, and obviously my personal favourite. When burning, this candle will fill any space with a gorgeous bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves. The regular size (white) retails for $81. There is also a large outdoor candle (black) which retails for $375 – and this is only to be in operation if/when the Queen comes for dinner. There is also a third option (my fave of faves), the Baies Noire Candle is presented in a mouth-blown black glass with a shiny finish. It’s a truly sophisticated accessory to any room, retailing at $111. Alas, it will double as a gorgeous vase or make-up brush holder when you’ve finished inviting over all your fancy friends.

ROOM SPRAY / Baies Room Spray will instantly freshen the air and create a warm, inviting (super fancy) ambiance – it retails for $78. I found mine lasted 18 months, so quite reasonably priced considering. A quick hit of the stunning Baies scent if the Queen drops in unannounced. You can thank me later. 

CAR DIFFUSER / Un Air De Diptyque Car Diffuser is the newest member of my Baies family! It attaches easily to the car ventilation and only needs to be open ever so slightly – it’s quite strong. The refills are sold separately and come in a variety of scents – including my other favourite: rose. The first purchase will set you back $78. 

SCENTED DRAW INSERTS / Cartouche Parfumee pouches have taken my beauty life to another level – I kid you not. Now my UNDERWEAR smells like Baies! Hello, it doesn’t get any fancier than that – unless Chanel produce the same in Coco Mademoiselle (my ultimate of scents). I’ll be honest with you, I don’t actually know the price of these – it was a birthday present. I also can’t see it online, so you’ll need to ask in-store. Soz. 

SJ x