Arguably, the art of perfecting your foundation and overall skin appearance is the hardest element of the application process. To achieve a natural and flawless look requires technique, practice and in my opinion, blending of shades. This could also be referred to as highlighting, however, I do like to start by blending my products, colours and then colour in between the lines!

Before I discuss what products, shades and combinations I use, I would like to share some of my foundation advice and application tips with you.

TEST YOUR FOUNDATION IN THREE SPOTS, NOT ONE > The most common areas that we colour test our foundation is on the back of our hand and our jaw. While these can be a good indication for some, they are not always 100% accurate – particularly if you are wearing fake-tan. Ideally you need to test your foundation in three spots: around the nose, underneath your eyes and the cheek/jawline area. A good idea is to test these shades on one side of a naked face so you can more accurate compare.

WISH 04  sisj foundation

WHAT IS THE PERFECT SHADE? > The perfect shade should disappear into your skin. If in doubt, go slightly darker rather than lighter. The darker shade will give you much better coverage and a warm skin tone. This is very important to those (like me) who wear fake-tan or bronzer on the neck/body. You want to avoid the “eagle” look, or ghost face at all costs!


1. Chanel Perfection Lumiere (SPF 10) – 50 BEIGE

2. Giorgio Armani Designer Lift (SPF 20)  – NO. 7

3. Ellis Faas – S105L (available at Mecca Cosmetica)

4. Burberry Sheer Foundation – TRENCH NO. 8

5. Inglot Cream Concealer – NO. 67 (this is perfect for under the eyes – great coverage)

In terms of brands and specific products, I rarely stray from the above selection. It really is hard to find a strong colour match, feel and consistency, coverage etc. So, when you do find a product that works you, stick to it. However, you will still need to blend colours accordingly and get to know what product works for you at any particular time. For example, I tend to use my Chanel Perfection Lumiere during the summer as it is light-weight and breathes well. Where as the Ellis Faas and Armani Designer Lift sit better in the winter months. I also often apply the Burberry Sheer Foundation on top of the Chanel (cheeks only) for a dewy finish and glow. The combinations and variations will differ from person to person. It’s all about having a variety of shades, consistencies and the right tools.


If you have any questions or foundation feedback, please leave a comment.

SJ x

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