24 Aug


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Call it what you will – FAUX or FAKE, but I’m going with FLAWLESS and FABULOUS! The best F words, minus one! Let me tell you all something for nothing, I’m up to my eyeballs on fertility medication right now, and with that comes a few extra kg’s of water weight. That water weight loves to hang around my face, tummy, hips and thighs – don’t you love being female? SO, I could either cry in the corner because I feel like a disgusting hormonal maniac, or I could simply ensure I have the necessary equipment (a sick as contouring kit!), to create depth and the illusion of razor sharp cheekbones where there aren’t any. I opted for the latter and here’s what I’ve got to say >

TOM FORD / SHADE & ILLUMINATE $125 : I’ve used this for years thanks to Zoe Karlis (MUA), who recommended this beauty whilst painting my face with it! It’s not cheap, but I’ve used it on average once or twice per week for the last three years and it’s still going strong! This duet of goodness is a cream formula, but doesn’t leave you with a dewy finish. Although I prefer that dewy/super glowly finish, I love that this is more of a matte finish as it gives you better definition – particularly under the cheekbones. I use the Bobbi Brown Buffer Brush to blend into my foundation (who knows if this is technically correct, but it works for me!). I highly recommend this product. I will also mention it’s only available in DJ’s Melbourne CBD store (in Victoria, sorry other states!), online or overseas (if you have any friends travelling to U.S ask them to buy it, so much cheaper!).

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS / CONTOUR CREAM KIT $70 : This bad boy is a cream version of the original Contour Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills (ohhh-ahhhh I hear you saying). This kit has a total of six shades – three for contouring and three for highlighting. It spreads beautifully and has a dewy-sheen finish. It’s available in light and medium, and if you fake tan like moi – def go for the medium. P.s it’s also free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

IT COSMETICS / MY SCULPTED FACE $58 : In some circles this has been described as “your beauty best friend”, I don’t know that I would go that far, but it’s pretty fab. This kit was actually developed with plastic surgeons and contains anti-aging ingredients. Wow hey? I love this one because it’s super simple for peeps like me, who really have no idea what they are doing! I love that it has a diagram. On that note: when I was in grade four I received some of the BEST advice from Mrs Hannah, that to this day still serves me well > “WHEN IN DOUBT, DRAW A DIAGRAM”, haha! So thanks, IT Cosmetics! This easy to follow step-by-step guide contains four contouring shades for different skin tones (also feel free to freestyle n’ mix), and two highlighting shades (one shimmery & one matte). It also includes a normal mirror and an amplified one – so beware!

SMASHBOX / STEP-BY-STEP CONTOUR SET $66 : This set is great, but please note: it’s a powder. I had to throw in a few powders for the powder peeps, even though I am def a cream girl – sharing is caring. This set includes an angled powder brush to help guide you down the cheekbone and any other areas you wish to add a little depth to.

YVES SAINT LAURENT / COUTURE CONTOURING PALETTE $60 : there are two types – golden contouring and rosy, but both in my opinion are more suitable for someone with fair skin. This is also a powder set, but it does have an illuminating shade to highlight and accentuate which I love. This is definitely one for those who are beginners in the contouring/highlighting game, and it’s also a much more natural finish. It blends beautifully (even over foundation) and ideal for a daytime look.

Happy blending babes

SJ x