21 Nov



Being female can be so tiring at times – in many ways! Specifically in the beauty department though. We either want what we don’t have, hate what we have, or get sick of what we change it to in three weeks. You know it. I know it. This is why we all need to find ourselves a great hair stylist! There will be no perms or chemical straightening on my watch! Have a little fun and mix it up next time so you can be Carrie Bradshaw for one evening, knock back a few Cosmos, take a few snaps and then wash it out. SIMPLES. How-to below >

STEP ONE: If you have clean hair don’t past go, sit there and wait a few days for it to get dirty! Dirty hair always = easily style-able hair (yes, I am making up words as I go). Jokes and grammar aside, if you do have clean hair dirty it up a bit with some dry shampoo or texture spray. Mhairi who did this look used anti-gravity spray on day two hair. Avoid prepping your hair with too many products though, as we want volume, bounce and for your hair to be as light as possible, for maximum Carrie-ness

STEP TWO: Mhairi then divided my hair into small sections (start from underneath obvs), and then tonged these in different directions to achieve that messy/sexy ‘Carrie’ look

STEP THREE: It’s important to let your hair cool before you brush it out, as this will allow it to set. Mhairi used a Kevin Murphy Texture Comb (aka a giant comb that does not get caught or destroy the curls/waves). If you are a Tay-Tay fan though and would prefer an even tighter curl (like above – ok, not that extreme…!), I would suggest using your fingers to brush the curls out and adding products for shine/curl specific. Then give it good shake! 

STEP FOUR: For that added va-va-voom (which is always, duh), backcomb with a proper styling brush (yes, they are a thing). Mhairi being the Kevin Murphy queen that she is uses the KM Styling Brush, but another great brand is BaByliss Back Comb Brush – this is so you don’t permanently damage your hair (HA – more than we have to says the peroxide blonde!). A quick tip: start from your crown and work the comb/brush through each section in one fluid motion. Once you’ve achieved your desired height (the limit does not exist!), smooth down the top with the a styling brush. This look was finished with Kevin Murphy Doo.over and Shimmer Me Blonde.

PHOTOGRAPHY: ME, MYSELF AND MY TRIPOD (AS USUAL) – while Mhairi watched and laughed, ha! 

Mhairi McQueen’s details: Mhairi is based in Elwood, Melbourne. She owns Koh salon and is the best. The end. If you wish to contact her, KOH: 9531 0088 or follow her on social media @mhairi_mcqueen

SJ x