This week has been a toughie. My fuel tank for life has been running pretty close to empty since Charlotte’s due date on 23rd May, and I’m emotionally and mentally exhausted. I know I cannot rush this initial grieving process and I’ve accepted that some days are just harder than others. Today I’ve woken feeling much the same, but I also had the urge to put together a beauty post – my fave type of writing. As a young lass (not really – about seven years ago!) I had a dream, or should I say “#goals” as they are more commonly known as these days! It was pretty much to be Aussie journalist Leigh Campbell, who was the beauty editor and then director at Cosmopolitan magazine. She was T H E  U L T I M A T E in job goals (and still in my top ten #girlcrushes to this day). I have since had the pleasure of meeting Leigh several times and confessed all of the above! Thanks sweet baby cheeses she didn’t run in the opposite direction screaming, or report me to a higher authority – yet… (!!!)

In SISJ’s infancy this was a space created purely as a creative outlet where I could come and escape. I wasn’t loving my job at the time (beauty marketing/PR) and needed something more – so I wrote, a lot. In 2012 we went to London where I was lucky enough to intern with the beauty department at Grazia magazine. HOLY F-ING SHIT BALLS, it was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I came back refreshed, pumped and motivated to follow my creepy dream of becoming Leigh Campbell – I mean, you know what I mean… Soon after I got head-hunted to hair/beauty company where I only stayed for a few months, as a resigned to pursue my blog full-time! A month or so after I connected with Roxy Jacenko and to this day we still work together. Although I have done little with my Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) from RMIT University, it’s been one of the many stepping stones to get me where I am today. I LOVE my job, as it’s also my hobby and my release. I am hoping to ramp-up the beauty reviews and posts in the coming months, so I hope you enjoy them! SJ x

KEVYN AUCOIN : THE NEO BRONZER { Siena – warm coral }

As a natural blonde with naturally sun kissed skin (pffft, I wish!), I generally prefer to use a coral coloured blush, as it works better with my ‘natural’ warm undertones. Many moons ago I religiously used the ‘Orgasm’ by NARS – but only because the rest of the female population were. To be honest I feel like those really pinky-pinks can cheapen ‘the look’ when there is a tan (real or fake!) and some peroxide involved. I love a pastel pink for blondes with lighter skin tones and pretty much all brunettes and red heads. Anyway, back to this baby! >

This is a super fancy three-in-one palette (highlighter, blush & bronzer shades). It’s paraben free and retails for a very reasonable $58 – this will last you at least 6-8 months, even for daily use in my experience.


I have been using this bad boy for forever and a day. True story. You would think with the amount of make-up I have applied in my lifetime I would have nailed ‘contouring’ by now, but I most certainly haven’t. I have no doubt if I actually tried I could, but who has time for that?! Instead, I just use amazing products that are easy to blend. This is one of them. The other great one if the Tom Ford ‘Shade and Illuminate’ which retails for $80. It’s amazing, but it can also go horribly wrong – like mud bath/face wrong. Less is more, yer?! Back to the chubster in question – this retails for $42 and is the right shade for day wear as well. I just draw a link in the hollow (under my cheekbone – do the duckface!) and then blend with a brush. P.S they have just released a new Chubby Stick but in CHEEK COLOUR BALM, like OMG! I am yet to try this, but the ‘Robust Rhubarb’ looks pretty spesh. You’re welcome.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY : CHARLOTTE’S MAGIC CREAM { Treat & Transform moisturiser }

So, the name is a little cringe-worthy I agree, but this cream is pretty fab. I’ve been a long-time fan of Charlotte Tilbury and am an AVID user of her eye-shadows (prob my equal fave with Burberry). This cream gives an instant boost to dull/tired skin and leaves a gorgeous sheen-ie glow (soz, just makin’ up words as I go) after application. Her range is at the pricier end, so maybe try before you buy – this retails for $125.


I freakin’ LUHV BY TERRY – they can do no-wrong, I swear. A brand I first discovered when I was actually dying in the beauty cupboard at Grazia magazine in London… That sounds so wankerish, but I don’t care. Just having my own ‘Made in Chelsea’ moment! This range is absolutely beautiful – I also have the face oil and hand cream. This is quite a thick liquid/cream blush, designed for long wear. I would suggest practicing on the back of your hand in terms of the amount you require – keeping in mind it goes a long way! Brush or finger application.


Love me some oil and Jurlique – another long-time fave. I use the baby collection (in addition to QV) on MG’s skin (who is very sensitive) and there’s never been an issue and they smell ahhhhhhhhhhhmazing. This new Jurlique face oil contains: Safflower Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Avocado Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil and Shea Butter. IT. IS. FACIALLY-DEE-LISH. It retails at $69 and will last you months on end even with twice daily application.


I had always been a By Terry lip liner user, until I discovered this little beauty – Vintage Rose (pictured above). I use lip liner for two reasons: 1) to increase overall size visually, 2) for a great base colour/tint under gloss. As I am naturally very fair (shhh, this is top secret), my lips are quite pale – which I’ve always hated. When I apply tan or heavier make-up I feel as though they get lost and I am not personally a fan of that nude/foundation lip look – yuck. During the week or even for a softer look I use this as a lip stain – first by applying it to the outside to give me like a 0.3% version of Kylie Jenner’s lips and then add a nourishing gloss to blend. This lasts for hours and I can pretend I am not a real-life snow angel. This liner retails for $30, so I say get three! Love it.

It feels good to ‘be back’. Thanks for listening,
SJ x
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