4 Feb


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I am by no means a ‘beauty expert’, but I do put my body/hands/face/hair/bits on the line for this blog – so that has got to count for something, right?! Right. Today I have done a mini-review and wrap-up of some of my fave products for this month. Enjoy x 

CLINIQUE ‘DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT MOISTURING CREAM’: how’s that for a name? POW, WOW, WOOHA! Lucky for them it works! Phew, someone in the marketing team has kept their job! Now back to the good stuff. I am a long-time Clinique fan, but particularly of their intensive moisturisers and chubby sticks (blush). This particular cream is ideal for very dry – dry combination skin (skin that can’t decide whether it’s dry, oily or just meh). This cream is deeply nourishing and can be used up to twice daily (and under primer if you wish). Make sure you take this down your neck as well, as that’s the first place women show their REAL age!

KEVIN MURPHY ‘DOO.OVER’: can the great man do no wrong?! Golly gosh he is a bloody genius. Not only are his products ALL amazing, they are sooooo pruuuuty. The latest miracle product from KM is this dry powder (finishing hairspray). This stuff is fab. If you ever thought clean, soft hair was the way to start when it comes to styling, you would be wrong. Dirty, gritty (slightly yucky!) hair is ideal. I’m also not a shine-lover, so do keep in mind any dry shampoo or finishing spray will give your hair matte finish. If I am having I can’t be bothered week, I generally will just use some oil on my ends post-wash. However, if I am styling my hair for something or want it to hold (but still move naturally!), this product is the way to go. This can be sprayed and brushed in before styling, but it’s really been designed as a finishing spray (but a flexible one). Whether you are putting an iron or tong through your hair, spray some of this on when you have finished, and brush through. This product can be used multiple times, unlike the Powder.Puff which is really only great for event/one-off hair (although also brilliant).

JURLIQUE ‘ROSE HAND CREAM’: winner, winner, chicken dinner. They have done it again! Rose hand cream, do I even need to write anymore? As usual Jurlique have created a beautifully scented hand cream, and one that works. This thick, creamy, luxe product is great for busy hands and pretty coffee table displays (!!!). All the cool peeps have hand cream at their ready, when watching tele. Like, duhh.

JURLIQUE ‘LAVENDER HAND CREAM’: please see above and cue the applause. Another winner, only this one is lavender. Diiiii-vine. This product is perfect handbag size and a goodie before bedtime. If you didn’t know already, my OCD-esque behaviour consists of spraying perfume and applying hand cream just before I get into bed. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. WITHOUT. FAIL. Come on, you never know who you may run into… In your dreams! #mumlife #mylife

CLINIQUE ‘MOISTURE SURGE’: and surge it is. This beauty is a super, super intensive face mask than can be worn for a quickie (10 min), or overnight for those who want to live dangerously (or have a child/ren). This is 100% fragrance-free, allergy tested and non-greasy. This can also be used as a spot treatment for any particularly dry areas on your face. If you do use this as a semi barrier cream for dry zones, I wouldn’t bother with a primer as well. Just let this set for a minute or so, and apply your make-up as per normal.

SJ x