Please don’t let my catchy headline fool you – in no way, shape or form think I’m flawless, but a girl can dream right?! Today on the blog I am sharing some of my ALL-TIME fave foundations, concealers and illuminators. I have also included some totally random tips and tricks that I do to achieve a flawless finish. Enjoy! 

FOUNDATION: I have been using Luminous Silk and Designer Lift by Giorgio Armani { these retail for $90 } for just over 50 million years now and I have no intention of changing. Ever. However, I do have a few other faves I’ve found along the way > Skin Veil by Ellis Faas { this retails for $90 } and Perfection Lumiere by Chanel { this retails between $90 – $100 }. In-terms of my skin type, I would say I fall into the ‘normal’ category – I am not oily and not dry, but could ALWAYS do with a nourishing kick and glow! All the above foundations are creamy, provide fantastic coverage and work/ed for my skin. They are all priced at the higher-end of the market, but it’s one product I will never skimp on. On average (an I generally wear make-up most days of the week) I would go through 4 – 5 bottles per year.

CONCEALER: When I say I am brand-loyal with my concealer, that would be a MASSIVE understatement! I have been using the AMC Cream Concealer by Inglot #67 forever and ever and it retails for only $25 – INSANITY, I KNOW! I use this every single day without a doubt under my eyes, on my chin and a dash across my forehead. It’s super thick and hides pretty much all hints of your natural identity (eg. freckles!), kidding, but close to it! I am wearing this in the above image and no, my skin has NOT been Photoshopped. A pot would last me about four months too, so there’s really no reason why every single female on the face of the planet shouldn’t be using it.

GLOWY STUFF: I don’t do matte anything. I personally feel it adds years to your face and I’m just not a fan – soz. It’s glow central and then some over here. By Terry have some seriously amazing scientists/smart peeps/magicians working in their labs and I am pretty much obsessed with anything and everything they create. I was devastated (NOT an understatement) to learn my fave, fave, fave product EVER was discontinued last year. Thank-gawwwd they’ve since created the Cellularose Brightening CC Serum which is not as good, but comes pretty close to. This is described as a ‘colour corrector / control’, and I agree with these smart peeps, it does just that. Whether I am going for a flawless/thick coverage (as above) or a lighter freckly look (Ahhh!), I always, always apply this right at the end with a sponge. It sets my foundation perfectly, it smells like roses #swoon and it makes you look like you’ve had more sleep than you really have. I forgotten how much it was (from memory not cheap!) and I can’t find it online sorry, but I have bought a few recently from Mecca Cosmetica.

JFYI LIPS: I am wearing the Garnet shade which is part of the Winter 2017 Shanghai Suzy (Satin Luxe Formula) collection { this retails for $14.95 } – my other faves are the Crystal and Jewel. P.s these are made in Australia (Melbourne!), cruelty-free and vegan.


I am not a professional make-up artist, but I have been painting my face for over 50 millions years as I mentioned above. So I guess you could say I have learnt SOMETHING along the way!

  • I literally stand AT the window when applying my foundation – natural light is KEY
  • I use a Bobbi Brown Buffer Brush for my foundation – not what they are designed for, oops, but it works for me!
  • I use an old-school sponge to apply brightening serums or cream illuminators (not a brush)


I hope you found today’s post useful!

SJ x

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