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16 Jun



“We chat to fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Sarah Jane Young from ‘She Is, Sarah Jane’ about blog beginnings, career highlights, handbag essentials and living a more stylish life”… READ THE EXTENDED VERSION OF MY INTERVIEW WITH MAYBELLINE >

1. Career highlight? My career highlight so far has been my internship with the beauty team at Grazia magazine in London. This was an incredible experience – challenging, rewarding and oh, THAT beauty cupboard – nothing compares! I was published on Grazia Daily and met some amazing people who have remained friends to this day

2. What is your personal style philosophy? Wear it simply, but fabulously. My style philosophy is all about incorporating YOUR own personality back into your look. While I love exploring new trends and having fun, my hair, make-up and clothing will always represent me. Remember, there is nothing more attractive than a confident woman

3. What are your wardrobe staples and why? My trans-seasonal wardrobe staples are a great pair of boyfriend jeans, a classic white shirt, a killer pair of heels and a statement bag. The rest will just fall into place!

4. What’s your secret to looking fab on a budget? Looking fab on a budget ultimately comes back to your confidence and personal style. Expensive doesn’t always equal stylish. With so many affordable retailers offering fashion forward pieces, it comes back to your shopping and making choices based on what inspires you

5. What’s your fave beauty look? My fave beauty look is natural make-up with a bronzed and luminous finish. I also like to focus on a warm palette, including browns, pinks and shimmers for my eyes and lips (this is a great combo for blondes with blue eyes). Big lashes and groomed brows are also mandatory for my go-to look


6. Who is your beauty icon? My beauty icon is the very talented and gorgeous Georgina Chapman. This English Rose is a text-book beauty. I love her classic and aesthetically perfect facial features – her high cheekbones, defined jawline, bold brows and great smile/lips

7. Tell us your top beauty secret? And a genius makeup tip? My top beauty secret is… Bio Oil! This product works wonders on your face and body. My fave make-up tip is simple, buy a foundation buffer brush and never look back!

8. What are your top make-up tips for looking good in front of the camera? First of all, you need to know your angles and how the light hits your face. The camera will often see something very different to our naked eye, so practice if in doubt. I will always ensure I have contoured and highlighted my face, to strongly define my bone structure. (P.S please try and avoid those silly apps where you airbrush your skin – we can all tell, ha-ha!)

9. What beauty products can you not live without? You will always find hydrating facial mist, hand cream and lip balm in my handbag and on my bedside table. My fave products are: Caudalie, Aesop and Carmex (lip balm)

10. What are your morning and night-time beauty rituals? I’m a back-to-basics kinda gal. I cleanse, tone and moisturise both in the morning and at night. I also have my night-time faves, including: eye cream, hydrating serums and a full body moisturiser/oil. I cannot get into bed without showering, brushing my teeth and applying moisturiser all over my body!


11. How do you deal with breakouts? I don’t really suffer from breakouts anymore, but any little pimples that appear are generally hormone related (aka, in girl-world, that time of the month!). While there’s not much we can do to avoid hormonal related pimples, my advice is to maintain a daily skincare routine, eat well and get lots of sleep

12. What’s your fave beauty trend right now? I have been using a resurfacing roller (skin needling) for some time now and am so pleased with the results. This is a treatment that can be performed in a salon, as well as at home – depending on the size of the needles. This is great for plumping and rejuvenating the skin. It does tingle a little, but the results speak for themselves

13. What is your fave Maybelline product? While I love exploring a variety of products and brands, I have always been a loyal user of Maybelline mascara. I am currently using the Volum’ Express Falsies Flared mascara and absolutely love it!