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28 Jun



I get a few requests now and again to post a YouTube tutorial for some of my make-up ‘looks’… Errr, um, no sorry. I don’t do voice work! I think I would have to swallow my own vomit if I heard my voice played back,. So it looks like you’re all stuck with my witty and informative words instead – and great advice of course. Today’s beauty post includes all my absolute favourite products to fake that gorgeous glow. These products are never not in my beauty bag and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Mwah! 


I would just like to declare that I am a TOTAL FAKE – when it comes to ‘glowing skin’, anyway. I fake it all the way, as sleep is something I seem to see very little of these days. I use a combination of liquid highlighters and powders, and I’m probably technically incorrect in how/where I apply it, but hey?! You can get your real make-up advice elsewhere. Below is a breakdown of my FAVOURITE products to fake it with >

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector (liquid highlighter) : TOPAZ – golden bronze pearl & BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector (liquid highlighter) : OPAL – golden opal pearl – I have both shades and use them depending on where my spray tan is at, or how dull I’m feeling! The OPAL is like supersonically reflective and no one will ever know you’re tired AF. Try it, you won’t be disappointed

ARMANI Designer Lift Foundations : 5.5 is the shade I use, and this is available at David Jones (Chadstone, CBD & online only). This is the BEST foundation in the history of the world. I’m not even going to say anymore, other than it will change your face and life – in that order

MAC Extra Dimension Blush (Cheeky Bits) : this is a pinky/coral and I LUHV IT! Yer, yer, everyone goes on about NARS and I do love them, but I totally rank MAC above them in the blush department. Soz. For blush and lipstick, I prefer to buy these in person for the first time, just to ensure the colour is perfect for my naturally tanned skin… *cough, cough*. Once you know your fave, totes sit on yo’ butt and order online though

CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir : it’s essentially a toning mist that also sets your make-up, but I spray it at least 470 times per day #becauseican. There will be no slippery dipping off your face with this stuff, and you will get AM – PM wear out of your make-up. I promise. It’s hydrating, it smells incredible and there’s a mini size for your handbag. BUY THIS, BUT THIS, BLOODY BUY THIS! 

BECCA X CHRISSY TEIGEN Glow Face Palette : if you love soft pearls, bronzed and glowy golds, the prettiest of pinks… Well, this baby is for you. I jumped on this so fast thinking it would only be a limited edition, but it’s still around – woo! You can shop this one online at SEPHORA (pictured below)

YVES SAINT LAURENT Touche Eclat Blur Primer : this stuff is pure gold and feels like some delicious kind of silk coating your skin. I don’t use primer on a daily basis, only for special occasions (this stuff is not cheap!). I only use primer when I’m wearing my game face, as it 100% holds it all together for longer and my foundation/eye shadow glide on with perfection. During the week I just use a moisturiser, a spot of concealer and some bronzer. I also mix this one with the Laura Mercier (radiant), and they work beautifully together – it’s oil-free too! Winning. YSL primer is available at MECCA, David Jones and the Laura Mercier is also available at David Jones and online at Adore Beauty. You’re welcome…


Until next time…

SJ x