We all want to feel beautiful and confident in our own skin. However, this is easier said than done! My major skin concerns are uneven skin tone, dryness and dehydration. I also prioritise anti-aging skincare products – yes, even when you are twenty-something. PREVENTION is key peeps. Today I am reviewing some of my fave Dermalogica products. Dermalogica are a great range that cater for a variety of skin types and conditions.

INTENSIVE EYE REPAIR: This product is one of my absolute faves. It is super hydrating and targets the lines and prematurely-aging skin around our eyes. When I am super tired or dehydrated I literally layer this up under my eyes to soak in over night. Rich in Vitamin A, Wild Yam Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5 help, this cream will increase the elasticity and smooth skin texture. This cream is formulated without artificial fragrances and colours.

SKIN HYDRATING BOOSTER: This product is suited to all skin types and something I was in DESPERATE need of! This is a highly concentrated fluid that will help revitalise dry, damaged and dehydrated skin. It will restore balance and hydrate tissues to smooth your skin, improve suppleness and minimize fine dryness lines (especially around the eyes). This is also formulated without artificial fragrances and colours.










PRE-CLEANSE WIPES: The scary thing when it comes to cleansing is, if we are not using the right products we could be doing more harm than good. For example, spreading more grime and gunk (please note: that is not a technical beauty term!) around our face and into our precious pores. These wipes are so simple to use and will ensure a deep clean. You literally add a few drops of water and these babies foam-up and clean all the day’s mess and make-up off your face. With Aloe and Apricot oils they will also soften and keep your skin hydrated. These wipes will also remove waterproof mascara and are again, formulated without artificial fragrances, colours or parabens. These are fabulous to travel with too – fitting nicely in your hand luggage for a quick freshen-up.

GENTLE CREAM EXFOLIANT: This new and improved formula will help improve your skin’s texture and appearance. It also doesn’t leave you with those annoying gritty beads all over your face and neck after use! This is a non-abrasive formula containing Lactic Acid and Hydroxy Acid (in English = AMAZING!). These both assist in increasing cell renewal and removing dead skin cells. I use this most nights and I have a dry-normal complexion. This is formulated without artificial fragrances and colours.










SKIN PERFECT PRIMER: If you asked me what the secret to a flawless foundation finish is, PRIMER is the answer! I literally don’t leave this house without applying primer before I put on my make-up. I actually really like that this product has been designed for mature and ageing skin. This ensures you get a thicker and creamier consistency, acting as a very effective barrier cream/base for your foundation. This primer brightens and smooths any fine lines. I would concentrate on your crows feet and the area around your mouth – two of the most obvious places we age as women (sigh…). This product is again formulated without artificial fragrances and colours.


SJ xxx

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