19 Nov



Yo, my name is Sarah Jane and I like long walks along the beach, coconut ice-cream, watching SATC re-runs, and ALL THINGS BEAUTY! In fact, I LOVE all things beauty. Totes a beauty buff and then some, but I’ll try not to blow my own trumpet (too loudly, anyway). So, I’m five weeks to the day into this ‘mum of two gig’ and between the exhaustion, baby vomit, 700 loads of washing a day and just GSD in general, I’ve decided to do something for myself – WRITE! I’m starting a new segment/edit on SISJ: ‘WHAT’S IN MY BEAUTY BAG’. It’s not literal, as my growing collection (addiction) would require several family size suitcases to house it all. This edit will feature just a few of my faves and I will aim to post weekly (don’t hold me to that though!). This is not a sponsored collaboration, just products and brands I LOVE. I hope you enjoy it, SJ x


We all know and love Mecca Cosmetica, but if you don’t we can’t be friends. I am hashtag NOT SORRY, either. I covered the initial launch of MECCA MAX some time ago now, but I’m back bangin’ on about them again! SUP!? MECCA MAX is proudly, delightfully and definitively 100% vegan AND cruelty free. This means their products contain no animal-derived ingredients of any kind, combined with no animal testing. MECCA MAX is not only animal-friendly, it’s budget-friendly too – WOO! Below I’ve listed some of my favourite pieces from their current collection and these are products I personally use #OBVS.

{ MECCA MAX – Bring On Bright Illuminating Primer } I don’t generally wear a primer for day-to-day make-up, but rather when I want it to last or I’m like realllly making an effort. However, at this price (twenty bucks!), you can easily afford to look extra specially fab every single day. This primer has a luminous and dewy finish and will ensure your glow-factor is on like Donkey Kong. It will keep your foundation fresh and actually ON your face in the warmer weather. $20 – CLICK HERE TO BUY

{ MECCA MAX – Liquid Light } Yep, more glowly goodness – welcome to the blog, Liquid Light by MECCA MAX. I’ve used other products like this one (Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer), but this is about 1/3 of the price and just as good. Depending on how much sleep I’ve had, I will either apply this on top of my foundation (highlighter), or IN IT. This liquid gold is infused with high-impact metallic pigments and will radiate freshness. A must. $25 – CLICK HERE TO BUY

{ MECCA MAX – Gloss Boss Lip Gloss } Soooo, my favourite shade is called ‘All Nighter’. This would totally be super sexy right now if it wasn’t TRUE! HA! #NEWBORNLIFE. That was a ‘dad joke’ and there for the taking, don’t be a hater. This isn’t any old gloss, it’s packed with punch, pigment and shine. It’s nourishing and sooooo affordable. You’re welcome. $18 – CLICK HERE TO BUY

{ Lancôme – Absolue Precious Cells } Soz, but I’m about to jump from the budget end of the beauty spectrum, to wayyyyy down the other end. This moisturiser is SPF 15+ and works to improve the appearance of skin ageing (please remember, this does NOT mean it will erase fine lines/wrinkles etc). It’s super hydrating and provides a beautiful base for your make-up. Before you spend the big bucks on this one, jump online and request a sample size first. $400 – CLICK HERE TO BUY 

{ Lancôme – Hydra Zen Masque } This is a fancy face mask, let’s not kid around. Does it work? Sure, it feels amazing. This is applied just before bedtime, in preparation for some REAL beauty sleep #boomboom. I’m definitely partial to a skin serum and this one IS delicious. Have I used other face masks that are just as good and half the price, yes… This could be a gorgeous gift for Christmas, or one of those ‘pretty products’ that you only use once every blue moon, but sits on display in your bathroom so you look super fabulous when guests come over. You totally know what I’m talking about!  $97 – CLICK HERE TO BUY

Thanks for tuning-in (with your eyes!), I look forward to bringing you more of my beauty faves!

SJ x