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30 Sep



Big hair, a big coffee, a big sleep-in (pfft, as if) – you get the gist. When it comes to my hair though, bigger is rarely big enough. Give me volume baby! I often receive Qs about what products I use on my hair to achieve maximum body for styling, so I’ve included them below for you. Alas, I must confess… part of this bigger-ness is due to the fact I only wash my hair once a week. True story. I will also add, I am fiercely brand loyal when it comes to my hair products, more so than make-up. These are what works for me and there’s a whole lot of rubbish out there, covered in pretty packaging and big words. Just sayin’. Enjoy!

KEVIN MURPHY / YOUNG.AGAIN TREATMENT OIL – Before I found THE ONE, I had to kiss a lot of toads. I mean try a whole lot of oils. I’m actually totally kidding for part A of the above gag – it just sounded good. I have however, tried many different oils. That part is true. Of course being a ‘natural blonde’, I need to avoid yellow based oils that can stain your hair. I also prefer a lighter product – many are way too heavy, which makes styling/holding curls or waves near impossible. This YOUNG.AGAIN is my all time fave, where as I find the KEVIN.MURPHY Shimmer Shine just flattens my hair and I’m actually not really a fan of the shiny look. Everyone’s hair will differ so much due to if/how you colour it, natural texture, thickness etc., so even ask for samples on your mission to find the best oil. 

I apply this oil after every wash, even if I am on a mission to create the biggest hair ever! This is why I love it – it’s SO lightweight. I buy this from my hairdresser (KM stockist), but you can also buy this online from My Hair Care (they ship super quickly too). It retails for around $54.95 and lasts me for at least 3-4 months. 

SEBASTIAN / RE-SHAPER – I started using this about eight years ago and have never waivered in my loyalty. It’s the only hairspray that holds, but also completely brushes out – in my opinion. It also smells freakin’ amazing. It doubles as a body builder/light texture spray too. If my hair is clean (day one/two) and it needs a touch of grittiness for hold and volume, I’ll spray this with my dry shampoo before styling. I am so obsessed with this that I have about 78 bottles in my bathroom, one in my car, one in my handbag and I sleep with one under my pillow. It’s THAT GOOD! This normally retails for $35 – $45, but often on special for about $28 on My Hair Care. P.s this is NOT a sponsored post, I just shop almost all my hair care products on this website. 

KEVIN MURPHY / HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY – Ok, this stuff is for those of you who don’t mind it a little rough and wild! It is AMAZING for styling beachy/boho hair, not smooth Hollywood glam. There is nothing natural about this product, which is probably why I love it so much, HA! I use this when I’m on a beach holiday (embracing the curly madness), or when I want my waves/curls to look a little edgier and more defined. This one is FAB for blondes, as it gives your hair depth and highlights the highlights! You will probably only get two days out of it, before you go completely nuts! It feels totally gross, but it looks fab! It’s basically a salt spray. I have used this on super clean hair before when I’ve wanted to make it ‘dirty’, you’ll just need to brush it into your hair – rather than crunching it in. Technically it should be sprayed onto damp hair, but meh. As far as I’m concerned, there are NO RULES – whatever works and whatever looks fab! RRP $39.95 and I only go through about two for the whole year. 

BATISTE / BLUSH – If you’ve never tried Batiste, well… we can’t be friends. Kidding. But, seriously. This multi-award winning hair hero is Australia’s #1 dry shampoo brand. Not only is it the PERFECT fix between washes (cough-cough, and in my case like six, ew!), it’s also an amazing body builder for styling. It also works wonders on some cheeky re-growth, for a fresh, clean look. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE some of the KEVIN.MURPHY styling products (Powder Puff, Body Builder, Anti-Gravity Spray), but they leave my hair feeling gritty and yuck – which means I have to wash it, and that just doesn’t work with my life right now #dramaticmuch. They are available in bigger sizes and travel ones and cheap AF – like $10 from your local Woolies. 


I was also asked to do a hair how-to on my top knots, but I’m afraid it’s pretty simple and there is absolutely zero skill involved. Please see below: 

METHOD: Stand in front of the mirror with above mentioned product/s applied to hair, and then proceed to gather all hair up WITHOUT GIVING ONE SINGLE SHIT! YEP! It’s THAT easy. If you try, you will fail. Just pretend you are getting into the shower or bed, and I promise you’ll create the best messy bun, like ever. You know it. It’s just female facts. 

SJ x