9 Oct



Gooooooood afternoon, beauties! Today on the blog I’ve featured the products my gorgeous friend and MUA, Zoe Karlis, used on me last week. I’ve also included some of my personal faves and my thoughts on what Zoe used. Before I get heavy on the product breakdown, I wanted to wish my Zo-Zo a very happy six year anniversary! Six years ago yesterday Zoe did my make-up for our wedding and we’ve become great friends over the years – while she’s continued to primp and pretty me up! If you are Melbourne based, I cannot recommend her highly enough and her bridal work is phenomenal. So much so, that she managed to have me looking presentable on my wedding day after I received severe burns all over my face three days before our wedding, due to a bad reaction to a new cream I tried! LADIES – DO NOT DO EXPERIMENTAL BEAUTY TREATMENTS IN THE LEAD-UP TO YOUR WEDDING, HA! It’s funny now, but when my hubby to-be sent her pics of my face, she literally cried on the phone to him. Yep, it was that bad. Anyway, back to the fun stuff! 

We really wanted to create a light/boho/summer feel to the look and I think we’ve achieved that. Zo also did my hair – ugh, she’s so disgustingly talented. Well enough from me, below is a list of what Queen Zo-Zo used, enjoy.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation : I knew I liked Zo for a reason, ha, we both LOVE Giorgio Armani foundations. I have used Luminous Silk on and off over the years, but I do prefer the Designer Lift at the moment (maybe because I’m now on the other side of 30… Hmmm). You really can’t go wrong with GA, it’s just about finding which one works for you and your skin type. I find this wears slightly lighter than the Designer Lift, so I’ve always needed more for full coverage. However, it’s great when I’m trying to embrace my freckles – which is only SOMETIMES!

Kevyn Aucoin Skin Sensual Enhancer : I’ve done some research on this one, as I hadn’t heard of it before Zo used it last week on me. It’s like an all-in-one foundation, concealer, contour and skin perfector. It’s great for targeting small areas too – under the eyes and problem areas of the face. It really does give you a flawless finish, but without feeling like you have seven inches of make-up on

Tom Ford Gel Bronzer : I love my liquid bronzers and Zo knows this! My brief is always: coverage, but glowly and bronzed-up, baby! This was my first time using this one and I love it. It was Zoe who introduced me to Tom Ford a few years ago, and while it is expensive, it’s just beautiful. I highly recommend this one

MAC Springsteen Blush : I don’t do pinky-pink blushes, so this peach was perfect for the soft-boho type look I wanted. I love MAC blushes and they make it easy for non-professionals like myself to build-up the colour, without looking like a clown! The pigment is also strong enough though with just one application (which is what we did here)

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle (highlighter) : I loved this highlighter Zo used, it was super glowly/highlight-y (!!!), but it didn’t cake on like icing, as so many highlighters do. It was soft and gentle, just like the name suggests. I’m not very confident when it comes to doing my own contouring, but products like this one make it easy to at least highlight!

Urban Decay Heat Palette : Zo used this on me for the first time a few weeks ago and I LOVED IT, so much so that I went and bought it! The colours are incredible and it glides and blends like silk – some beautiful warm bronze colours for summer and a good option for those (like me!) who find heavy eye shadow and a smoky eye too imposing!

MAC Cremesheen Peach Blossom Lipstick : I’m not normally brave enough to wear nude/pale peach lips, but this look def needed it. This is a new one for me and i’ve since fallen in love with the formula, as well as some of the other shades in this collection – Fanfare, Pink Pearl Pop and Speak Louder. Gawd, I need to give their branding and marketing team the biggest high-five – fab names guys! This retails for $36, so very reasonable (half-way matte/gloss)

Chanel Perfect Brows (SJ’s request) : While I trust Zo one million percent, I am a total diva when it comes to my brows and I like to do them myself when she’s finished. I use the Chanel Perfect Brows and Powder Duo (the brush is amazing and gives you a natural square finish if that’s what you like)

Maybelline Lash Sensational (SJ’s request) : I love this mascara as it isn’t super waxy, so you don’t get that grey/film finish. It’s super black and long-wearing. Although I am open to trying just about any brand of mascara, I always seem to come back to the trusty Maybelline ones – and they are super cheap! Supermarket mascaras for the win! Woo!


CONTACT ZOE KARLIS > info@zoekarlismakeup.com.au / 0422 239 070

Photography: @nicolepasphotography