To our darling Charlotte Rose – forever our rose petal x

On Wednesday 4th January 2017 at about 11.50am our entire world changed as we knew it. It was to be one of the many worst days of our lives. We learned at our routine 20 week scan our darling baby girl had significant and multiple heart defects, that were incompatible with life after birth. She passed away peacefully inside me during the night sometime on Monday of this week, and entered the world to her adoring parents on Tuesday 10th Jan at 8.10am. At this moment, the pain in indescribable. Our anger and confusion just keeps growing… The hole in our hearts and the emptiness we are left with is haunting… Why us… Why our baby girl… THIS IS NOT SUPPOSE TO FKN HAPPEN. Having children changes you and for the very, very best. You feel a love you never knew you were capable of, and now for us (and many others) a loss and emptiness no parent should ever, ever feel.

One day I will have the strength to share my story and can only hope those who have walked this journey too, will find some comfort in knowing they are not alone. In the meantime, I need to check-out for some time and just survive this nightmare…

Thank you to our family, our friends and my extended social media family for your kind words and support.

To my angels, Erin and Peri who NEVER once left my side. May Charlotte Rose watch over you and your family’s forever. A million thank-yous will never do our gratitude and love for you both justice.

To our little rose petal – what an honour it was to carry you, birth you and hold you both inside and outside the safety of my womb. I can still smell you on my skin… Our home will forever smell of roses. Your memory will live on as our family grows and moves forward with you in our hearts. We love you so very, very much.

Mummy & daddy x




After some prior bad experiences with images and content I’ve shared through She is, Sarah Jane, the below is unfortunately now necessary – particularly due to the sensitive nature of these images. I am disappointed with all we are experiencing right now that I find myself having to include this. I really hope people can be respectful to our family and our daughter.

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