2 May



My name is Sarah Jane and I am a crafter. That legit sounds weird and suspicious, but it’s the truth. I’m like a hardcore gamer, but with pretty pink paint, glitter and anything sparkly. I can’t be stopped, and it seems my little MG has inherited this same ‘gift’ from her mamma. I did a big DIY Christmas bag post and that’s really where I got the idea to create more bespoke bags (#sofancy), for her third birthday. When it comes to hosting an event, particularly a children’s birthday party, the key is delegation. For me, it’s also admitting my weak points > COOKING AND BAKING. It’s not that I can’t cook or bake, I just flippin’ hate it. What I am good at and enjoy, is styling and creating some meaningful, crafty magic with my little lady. I will be doing my best to still get some classic party food together though – frogs in jelly, chocolate crackles, fairy bread, etc. Basic I know, but it will be made with love and a sprinkle of fairy dust! 


Washable paints, leftover confetti from her first birthday (!!!), glitter (sorry everyone!), flowers and sequins. We have filled these with some toys as well: whistles, finger puppets, bracelets & necklaces for the girls, hair clips, wands, a whole lot more and… BUBBLES! To finish them off, we scrunched some tissue paper and tied the bags with some ribbon. ALL of this was from our fave $2 Shop. 

For no other reason than I’ve already eaten most of the lollies (no word of a lie…), we decided to scrap the traditional lolly bags this time. Sugar will be on-tap this weekend, so toys it is to take home! Get messy and create some memories that your children will love – and your guests!

SJ x

{ MG & HER BESTIE, PIPPA – these two share the MOST incredible bond, ughhh, it melts me! }