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THE PASTEL INTERIOR TREND: Don’t panic, but I am back with pink again! As I said in my last home styling piece (A SPLASH OF PINK!), pink is traditionally a feminine, romantic and intimate colour. In more recent times though, we have seen this colour gain more credibility and respect when it comes to interior styling and fashion. Moving away from the deep pinks and neon accents from my last post, today I’m exploring pastels and how to achieve an edgy, minimalistic look.

TONE-ON-TONE PALETTE: A great way to incorporate pink or any pastel colour into a space, is to explore different shades of that colour (for example, mixing 3 shades of pink like in image below). Rather than trying to mix too many pastel colours into one room or designated space (eg. coffee table), concentrate on one and marry back with natural greys, whites and black. The monochromatic palette will give you an edgy base and keep the space looking modern and fresh, within a feminine touch. Once again, choose your feature/statement piece and work backwards. This could be a wall, a lamp, an occasional chair or artwork. Then look at ways to tie your pastel colour of choice back. This could be wish cushions, coffee table books or flowers, to name a few.

MY FAVE PLACES TO SHOP: Freedom – they have some amazing occasional chairs at the moment! // Frankie & Coco (Hampton) – some of the BEST cushions in Melbourne // Meizai – amazing statement pieces // Voyager Interiors (Richmond) – half of everything in our home is from here!



SISJ BEAUTY: Just for fun I’ve added my two favourite blushes by NARS > ORGASM (left) a lighter shade of pink with reflective dust // BOYS DON’T CRY (right) a deeper shade of pink/coral/orange.

MAKE-UP TIPS WHEN IT COMES TO PINK: For a daytime/work look, I would suggest a light, natural pink blush and lip. Ideally blondes should stick to the softer shades, where as the brunettes can take it a few shades deeper during the day. While there are no hard and fast rules, this is my personal preference. For a more glammed look, bold-up the lips and even the cheeks with deeper shades (all hair colours). For example, I tend to use the NARS Orgasm blush during the day and the NARS Boys Don’t Cry at night. Try and stick within the colour family if you are using multiple pink products – lips, eyes, cheeks. If you have decided on a dusty pink or bronzed look on your eyes, go with a coral or soft pink lip. For big and bold lashes with a flicked liner, go for a magenta or red lip. Steer clear of using a pink lippie with a purple undertone and then a deeper coloured blush, and so on.

pastel-styling-06   pastel-styling-07

Happy styling! If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

SJ x

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