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19 Sep



*Disclaimer: today’s sexy shapewear and luxe lingerie edit contains some naughty words and a few cheeky giggles. So please, don’t get your panties in a twist! 

Breasts, boobies, jugs, juganoughts, hooters, mamma-jugs, fun bags, melons, cans, knockers, tits, titties, chesticles, gazongas, jubblies, golden globes, snuggle pups, the dream team, good God I sound like Lloyd and Harry from Dumb & Dumber having a word off with myself! HA! Ughhh, I am a self-proclaimed ‘boob-man’ in another life and I am on a mission to lift these bad boys back up to where they belong, and feel like a sexy mamacita in the process! As many of you would know, things often go a little south after our tiny humans have been grown/birthed/fed. Yay. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! I recently featured some gaaawgeous Nancy Ganz pieces on my social media accounts, and have followed-up today with an edit featuring some sexy shapewear and luxe lingerie brands. While this might not be our daily get-up anymore, I don’t see the harm in investing in a few key pieces ready for our date nights that come around once every 76 months! Enjoooooy ladies!

Nancy Ganz { yer, yer they are technically a ‘shapewear’ brand, but their pieces are sexy as. Sexy as what you ask? Hmm, sexy as Halle Berry in Die Another Day. Is that a strong enough visual for you ladies? #goals }

La Perla { I adore their triangle bras right now, price points DEF at the higher end – as in you may need to acquire a medium size personal loan to purchase one pair of panties! BUT, ohhhma-gawd they are stunning! Lot’s of push-up options too }

Cosabella { I would describe this as a ‘sweet sexy’ brand, mixed in with a lot of practical pieces and maternity }

For Love & Lemons { one of my fave labels of all-time for dresses AND lingerie (oh, and now kids clothes – MG wore their dresses in Hawaii last week). They are the perfect balance of hawt-dang-sexy-mamacita meets sweet young-thang from next door! If that makes any sense at all. Their pastel pink bralettes right now are just divine and cover those little problem areas like the Nancy Ganz ones. Lot-sa lace, yay! }

Stella McCartney { pretty, elegant, sexy, pretty, gorgeous, pretty and not as expensive as you would think. They are rocking navy big time this season. Love, love, love. Some fab push-up options too }

Alix { it’s not really a shapewear brand, somewhere in-between. Their garments are for both underneath and for show – bodysuits mainly, but sah-stylish, sexy-cute and I’m loving them sick }

Annie Bing { I’ll tell you something for nothing – their lace bralettes (‘soft-cups’) are something else! Not cheap, but not expensive either }

Commando { they do shapewear, it’s sexy-ish but not really, but very acceptable bodysuits I must say }

Thistle & Spire { sweet, farrrshionable and sexy. A tad too strappy for me, but very pretty-sexy }

Natori { their current rose pieces are to swoon for and very reasonably priced I might add }

Hanky Panky { I love this brand. It’s feminine, sexy and elegant. Higher end of the market though in terms of price, but 100% worth it for those one off pieces }

Wolford { shapewear – super-duper expensive shapewear, but shapewear. I don’t know that I would call these sexy, but they get the job done underneath sexy clothes, ha! }

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur { def up there on the sexy scale, or full-blown sex bomb scale should I say! Super pricey, but hey, you only live once! }

 PHOTOGRAPHY: Nicole Pas Photography / @nicolepasphotography