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My name is Sarah Jane and I am NOT: a personal trainer, fitness guru, gym junkie, or pretending to know what the fruit I am on about – when it comes to working out, anyway. This is why I surround myself with people who DO know what they are on about. CUE THE DRUM ROLL… Welcome back, Murray Player. 

Murray (aka Muz) has 20+ years experience in the industry and runs Team Players in Elsternwick, Melbourne. I have known Muz for 11+ years now and he’s one of the nicest guys going around – I adore him. At Team Players the staff focus on combining old school techniques, state of the art equipment and scientifically proven approaches to strength training and weight loss. Muz has also combined the best elements of spin class, cross fit, boot camp, boxing and personal training to create exercise programs that health professionals recommend. Personal training and group training are available. 


*On a personal note, it’s important to me that I declare I LITERALLY have to work my ass off to look like this. I LOVE my food and wine, I’ve carried two babies and been on fertility treatments/IVF on and off for the last five years – this all takes its toll. Trust me. However, when you nourish your body with the right food, lead a balanced lifestyle and train with awesome people who know what they are doing, GOALS. CAN. BE. ACHIEVED. I’ve asked Muz to focus on some ‘mummy exercises’ that can be done at home or in the gym. These will be targeting all the problem areas we seem to complain about post-partum – even sans baby! TUMMY, HIPS, THIGHS AND UPPER-ARMS. Today’s > TUMMY/CORE. 


This is a fun (and tough!) core workout that can be done at home or at your gym. I think mums of boys will be loving this one! You do require a skateboard, but you can also use as a fitness ball to target the same areas. However, in some ways it is more effective than a fitness ball, as the natural linear action of the skateboard will give you more balance so you can work the targeted muscles more thoroughly. Don’t be deceived – SJ was shocked at how hard this was (and boy did she let me know about it!), but I had her sweating her way to achieving her goals in no time! AREAS WE ARE FOCUSSING ON: CORE, ARMS, CHEST & BACK

WHAT TO DO: Begin with an easy 5 – 10 minute walk/cycle, followed by some push-ups on your knees will ensure you are ready to go. Please note: it’s really important that you have medical clearance from your health care professional if you have recently given birth. This exercise is probably one you’d look at doing six months down the track, just to be safe.

Keep your feet on the middle of the skateboard for maximum control

Keep your abs engaged the WHOLE TIME! Lock and load!

If you want to increase the difficulty, add a push-up to the movement – it’s a core killer!

Aim for 3 sets of 15 reps, as part of a broader workout/circuit

If you experience any lower back pain – STOP immediately. When you are in the extended positon like SJ below, do not sag your back. You can always lower amount of reps and work your way to 15. 


As I mentioned above, you can add in a push-up or a few to each set. You can also include a plank or alternate between this and the push-up. This is a moving plank BTW! Again, with both of your feet securely positioned in the middle of the skateboard and your hands on the floor, just walk / crawl forwards and backwards for a few meters. OUCH!

AND REMEMBER… Finish with some stretching! 

CONTACT MUZ & THE TEAM: info@playersgym.com.au / 0412 555 268

K E L L Y  J O R D A N  P H O T O G R A P H Y

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