19 Jun



Today on the blog we are learning all about the VINTAGE GLAM-WAVE with the best in the biz, Raymond Charles – Edwards & Co (Melbourne).

While this look is versatile, we both agree that it really needs a side part for the full effect. It’s all about emphasising the hair and lips for this look – try to stay away from a heavy eye.

RAYMOND’S SUGGESTED TOOLS: Either a 25mm tong or a 25mm barrel curling iron (the 25mm may seem a little small, however, in my opinion this is the best way to get-the-look). Try and avoid doing this with a straightening iron as the chances of burning your hair are high, as the curl needs to be super hot in order to stay tight.

1. Start by parting your hair on the desired side, then clip the top half of the heavier side up. Once this chunk has been clipped up, begin curling the hair underneath from the roots – this will give your hair volume and density.

2. As you begin curling the hair, wrap this away from your face (fanning outwards). You can always re-work a curl if you’re not happy as well. Then repeat this on the other side. REMEMBER: you want these to be super tight curls, almost like ringlets (don’t brush out or comb just yet!).

glam-wave-03    glam-wave-04

3. Once you have finished the bottom half of your hair, drop the clip and finish on the top. For the top half of your hair, don’t curl from the roots. Feel free to start the curl wherever you want, however, in my opinion eye level is ideal. Again, curly outwards (away from the face) for both sides.

4. Once you have finished curling all over, give it a good spray with a firm product. My fave is SEBASTIAN – SHAPER ZERO GRAVITY or SHAPER FIERCE (these are also SJ’s faves!). I prefer to spray right at the end after your hair has cooled down. This spray is great as it’s super firm, but will brush out and hold without a sticky finish.

5. After spraying the hair with desired amount, give it a good brush out (don’t panic!) it will not go frizzy. Run your hands over the hair after as well, to diffuse any static fly-aways. Now allow your hair to cool and set.

6. Once you’ve allowed your hair to cool and set, get a comb and begin combing through your curls slowly. As you continue to comb through you will see the curls start joining together, creating more of a wave (rather than a tight curl). The more you brush, the softer it will become. I would also suggest applying some shine spray and more hair spray here if desired.

7. VOILA! You are done!

glam-wave-01     glam-wave-02

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