LET’S FACE THE FACTS… That we don’t all just ‘wake-up like this’! >

I am 100% one of those gals who does not ‘just wake up like this’! I am an incredibly complicated gal who requires several prepping and primping stations > spray tan, blowave, lashes… Oh, how vain I am. Anyway, if you also enjoy gettin’ all pretty and stuff too, here’s some of my fave things (that work/are good)… Enjoy!

AESOP – Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum: I have personally been using this for about eight years and love it! Even when I had bad acne due to my Polycystic Ovaries, this was amazing. It absorbs super quickly, it’s lightweight and is full of Vitamins B and C and anti-oxidant-rich ingredients. I much prefer this or Bio Oil to cream based moisturisers. This will not leave your skin shiny and can be worn under make-up/primer.

DnA Elements – Mama Belly Oil: I used this during my last pregnancy and again this time. It’s fab and safe (of course). Here’s some info from nA Elements: this product has been specifically created by a compound pharmacist as an essential pregnancy body treatment. This super concentrated blend of nourishing oils support skins elasticity to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks as your body grows. The ancient beauty antidote Rosehip oil has been shown to lessen the formation of scar tissue, even out skin tone and prevent dryness whilst the fresh and citrusy aromas of the tangerine and lemon will help keep your mind and body calm throughout your pregnancy. It’s hand made in Australia by a compound pharmacist. 100% Natural, Vegan. Not tested on animals.

Just remember, there is NO miracle cream/oil/treatment that will stop or 100% prevent stretch marks… These occur because at the speed in which you stretch/grow and DNA unfortunately… If you’re gonna stretch, you’re gonna stretch. Products like this definitely ease the itching and keep your skin hydrated and feeling good though. Just be careful with BS marketing and claims of totally preventing them out there… Post-pregnancy and feeding, there are stronger treatments which also can assist like Vitamin A (NOT safe in pregnancy/nursing) in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Charlotte Tilbury – Super Model Body: Well hello, the name of this had me at ‘scroll down’- ohhh la, la! This cream/shimmer is so awesome for faking a totes natural ‘I woke up like this’ glow! I like to think of it as the body’s contouring/highlighting product! Post fake tan application (and dry!) I use some on my collar bones, shoulders and even a spot on my face for some extra shine baby, shine. Also would be great for photo shoots to highlight legs etc.

Clinique – Moisture Surge Melting Mask: Because I am totally a trend-setter, I use this as an eye cream. It can be used for a short period of time and then washed off, or overnight for an intense suuuuurge of goodness. I would go for the latter option. I don’t use this all over, more like a spot treatment – as I prefer oils/serum on my face and neck. This is a goodie.

Lebon – Luxe Toothpaste: You heard me right. Fancy freakin’ toothpaste, baby! Why not?! This gawgeous tube fits perfectly into my life’s colour scheme and tastes/smells pretty good too! For all those info junkies (normal people who give a shit about important stuff, unlike me who just buys something if it’s pretty!) here’s the down-low/411 on Lebon… It contains no parabens, triclosan, fluorine, dye, or saccharin. They use 100 percent natural flavouring and wood fibre packaging from sustainably-managed forests. The Lebon toothpastes are designed and manufactured 100% in FRANCE and are certified “not tested on animals.” The scent of their toothpaste, 100% natural and French, are the source of their flavours and aromas of rare intensity, they mostly come from the perfume capital, Grasse. Get on it.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for listening to my beauty dribble. I like to think I know what I’m talking about!

SJ x

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