Ok, let me just start this BP off with a rather unglamorous disclaimer > this Christmas catch-up in the park is going to be pretty basic (there will be no Lisa Vanderpump-esque floral installations, Champagne fountains or hunky and possibly topless male waiters – soz). It will just be a big group of AWESOME people (with child/ren, preggers or even friends/family of those attending). I know it’s a caarazy time of year, so don’t feel there’s an official start or finish time. It will be super casual and I would assume wrap-up around 12pm in-time for a big lunchtime snooze. The current forecast via BOM is 20 deg and cloudy. If there is rain I will cancel the event and let you all know via social media { @mummieswholunch } that morning. I look forward to seeing some familiar and new faces (big and small!). If you have any questions, please let me know on either account { @sheis_sarahjane or @mummieswholunch }. See you very soon, SJ x


TIME & DATE: Thursday 15th Dec, 10am – 12pm (ish)

LOCATION: Dendy Park, Brighton

PARKING: There are several access points (see map below). I would suggest parking on Dendy Street though, as I’m hoping to set-up mummy camp just behind the playground, as there’s lots of shaded areas. I will have some balloons, but we will be easily visible

MUM/DAD STUFF: There are public toilets and a playground (probably suitable for small toddlers and up)

BYO: Child/ren, bump, food/drink for you both, picnic blanket etc. Oh, and a fabulous Christmas cheer, of course!

*I will be taking some pics on the day which may/may not be used on social media. If you do not wish for you/your child to be in these images, please let me know.



*You are responsible for the safety of your own children and property – this includes food/allergies/medical conditions, prams, belongings etc.

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