22 Nov



37 days ago I pushed my little MAXIBON out ma’ bits, and I couldn’t be more grateful to my body. It grew and birthed a healthy baby boy. Thank you! I didn’t love being pregnant this time around (for obvious reasons), and I had to stop exercising at 29 weeks. I was SO uncomfortable and he was COMPLETEY DIFFERENT to my pregnancy with MG. I did my last PT session the day before I gave birth with her, and LOVED being pregnant. It all had to balance out, right?! I love exercising – for the physical benefits, mental/emotional wellness and the energy it gives me. I FEEL LIKE ME. I’m not going to give this whole ‘REAL MUM’ bullshit much oxygen, other than to say > IT’S RUBBISH. What is a ‘real mum’? REAL IS YOUR PERCEPTION OF REAL-ITY. It’s that simple. When women stop comparing themselves to others, I think the world will be a much happier (and nicer!) place. 

{ 38 WEEKS PREGNANT WITH MAX – one week before he came! Soooo strange, it feels like a lifetime ago now… }

I didn’t put nearly as much weight on this time around and I carried very differently – higher and more forward. I ate reasonably well (def several Maccas runs in there!), but didn’t go out of my way to watch what I ate. Does your body change after pregnancy? It sure does. Am I proud of my body? HELL YES! However, I am still me and I crave my pre-baby body – there, I said it. Whether you prioritise fitness or not after kids, pffft… each to their own. I couldn’t care less what everyone else is doing, honestly. We all have our own insecurities and they are all relative. I’m so sick of women being judged and shamed, whether you’re a size 6 or 16. JUST BE BLOODY NICE and worry about your own life. Ok, rant over. Today on the blog I’ve put together an edit of mums and bubs fitness classes/PT around Melbourne. Get your mother’s group together, go and meet some new like-minded people, have fun and get fit! You matter too, don’t forget that. SJ x

{ JAN 2018 – TWO WEEKS BEFORE MY EMBRYO TRANSFER/PREGNANCY, working towards getting back to this in the not too distant future! #GOALS }

PREGACTIVE // PregActive provides safe and effective exercises for mums. Their classes are designed for mums to bring the kids along and get a great workout at the same time. There is a strong focus on technique, as this is the most important factor post-partum. There is a combination of strength, Pilates and yoga. Classes are held at studios in Chirnside Park, Blackburn and Croydon (Melbourne), and are designed to provide you with ongoing ,customised post-natal exercise workouts. There are props available, such as: chairs, mats, pillows and bands, to assist you at any stage of the class. These classes also help to you to relax the mind AND body – UMMMM, YES PLEASE! Sign me up, ha! { GET IN TOUCH – CLICK HERE }

SHAPE UP MUMS // Shape Up Mums provides a social opportunity for mothers to meet like-minded mothers. They provide group exercise classes in local parks, making it east to bring your children along. This is a great way to get some fresh air, and without the hassle of organising childcare. Their classes include a variety of cardio, resistance/strength, flexibility, core stability and pelvic floor exercises { GET IN TOUCH – CLICK HERE }


{ ANTHONY GARCIA & MURRAY PLAYER – two of my gorgeous mates and amazing personal trainers. Murray runs group classes & PT sessions out of his studio in Elsternwick, check out: www.playersgym.com.au }

FITMUMS MELBOURNE (Elsternwick ) // Classes are run out of a studio in Elsternwick, Melbourne. The instructors ensure there is a flexible program, allowing you to train at a time that fits within your little person’s sleeping schedule (yay!). The staff are approachable staff and all mums themselves, so willing to lend a helping hand when times get a little tough. Classes run Monday, Wednesday and Friday – all between 8am – 11am. You can attend anytime between these hours with your bub – so before the first nap etc. { GET IN TOUCH – CLICK HERE }

FITSTYLER // Fitstyler classes bring together mums and their bubs to exercise in a fun and supportive environment. Their classes are 60 minute classes, and a mixture of cardio, body weight, strength and core exercises and pelvic floor. During the class the instructors will encourage interaction with your baby, which is also key in their development. Their fitness instructors can modify the exercises or activities to accommodate your requirements. They are located in North Fitzroy, Moonee Ponds, Carlton, Northcote, Melbourne CBD { GET IN TOUCH – CLICK HERE }

THE LEADING EDGE // Achieve the post baby body you want! Our Mums & Bubs Fitness classes offer specialised group exercise and nutrition for mums. We welcome all fitness levels and of course encourage you to bring your babies and young children to the sessions! Our program is run by mums for mums and is an affordable exercise experience delivering personal training in small groups, with pelvic floor safe options. A great opportunity to meet like minded mums whilst doing something positive for yourself, without the headache of securing childcare for your little ones. Bring your pram and a towel or mat and get ready for a mixed training class using elements of our Total Body WorkoutBoxing, Pilates, Yoga and Stretch Therapy classes, while bubs watches on. Our Mums & Bubs Fitness classes run on selected weekdays from 9.30am. Our classes and personal training sessions are local to Mernda, Doreen, South Morang, Whittlesea, Diamond Creek, Hurstbridge and are held at the locations below {GET IN TOUCH – CLICK HERE }

{ ANTHONY GARCIA BUSTING MY ASS – love this guy to death! Anthony is a Just Strong PT and working out of GoodLife Carnegie – follow him on social media @anthonygarciapt