Today on the blog it’s all about maternity fitness fashion and finding what works for you. Just like your regular day-to-day fashion choices, your fitness options during pregnancy don’t need to suffer. Keeping fit, active and eating a balanced diet throughout your pregnancy is key. This will not only increase your overall energy and mood, but also assist with labour and post-partum recovery. Below I have listed some of my favourite brands, along with some notes on comfort and style. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post on my pregnancy workout with Kirsty McLean from Body Clarity >

MY FAVE MATERNITY FASHION BRANDS (with shop-to-buy links below):

PregFit > PregFit have a HUGE range of maternity fitness options. These include: bike shorts, leggings, tank tops, track suits, long sleeve tops, yoga pants… the list goes on. This really is a one-stop-shop for active mummas-to-be. All of these styles cater for an ever-expanding belly, using flexible, comfortable and thick fabric.

Lululemon > As you know, I hate maternity bras with a passion! I have been living in fabric sports bras, including several styles from Lululemon (all of which do not have underwire). This is what has worked for me, both in support and comfort. My breasts have gone from a C cup, to an E  – so it’s important to wear sufficient support at all times. I have also found their thick leggings very flattering, and the wide/thick waist band is great for an expanding belly. These are the pants I am wearing in the banner image, and have been with me from pre-pregnancy to now (38 weeks). At the 20 week mark, I did need to go up two sizes for comfort.

Ripe Maternity > Depending on what you are comfortable training in (tight or loose clothing), Ripe have some great pieces. 3/4 and full-length leggings, as well as some shorts and slouch pants. These are ideal for yoga, Pilates and barre body.

Queen Bee > Queen Bee have a wide range of bottoms, including: belly support leggings, track pants, lounge wear and yoga pants. These are all specially designed with a growing belly in mind, with wide and flexible waist bands.

Pea in a Pod > Pea in a Pod offer an active and a softer touch exercise pant (both in 3/4 and full-length). I would suggest if you are doing more cardio or strenuous pregnancy workouts, that the active pant is a better option. These feature a thick waist band that can be folded down or up for comfort and style.

Blossom & Glow > While they don’t offer specific active wear, their lounge wear selection is great. These styles can be worn for easy walks (light cardio), yoga and weight training. As I said above, it all depends on what you are comfortable training in. These items are far more relaxed.

Female for Life > Female for Life specialise in maternity sportswear, so you are in safe hands. These include: Pilates wear, casual wear, skorts, culottes and basic tees. All pieces are lightweight, breathable and supportive for your changing body.

Angel Maternity > Angel Maternity offer a wide variety of sports wear and casual wear. Their long sleeve tops and tees are ideal for weekend wear and exercise. They also have some great swimwear options, shorts and leggings.

A BIG thank you to Kirsty who came and trained me this morning! We hope you enjoy our pregnancy workout (for all trimesters), which will be live on the blog tomorrow.

SJ x

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