14 Jun



Ohhh relaxin you bitch! For all my fellow mummies out there who understand my pain (literally), let us pray! Relaxin is our worst enemy throughout pregnancy, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, since delivering MG. While I maintained a healthy fitness regime (until the day before I gave birth – BOOM!), and felt strong, the relaxin was still a killer. I had quite severe back pain at times, which I had treated by several health care professionals. This included remedial massage, as well as some myotherapy. I was lucky enough to cross paths with Caitlin Plummer, a sports and remedial therapist and director of In Balance Mobile Massage, in my third trimester. I had several treatments, which absolutely eased some of my discomfort and improved my general mobility. It’s so important (particularly in your third trimester) to look after your body, and not put yourself at any long-term risk of injury. Many also find relief in swimming, pregnancy yoga and Pilates and relaxation massage.

Today on the blog I am sharing my new hidden treasure, aka Caitlin’s hands! Since delivery MG five weeks ago, I have been in some serious pain. I can clearly feel the knots mid-way down my back, and have even developed a slight limp to ease my lower back pain (p.s this is naughty!). I have also been experiencing some pain in my left bum cheek, and the top of my left leg. Since seeing Caitlin late last week, I already feel 30% better and have booked in several more treatments. I am moving around a lot easier and the knots in my mid-back have completely gone! If you are a Melbourne based, I highly recommend you get in-touch with Caitlin (pregnant or not). Caitlin is highly professional and amazing at what she does. This is a mobile service, so you are able to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home – double winning!



Sarah Jane had suffered from some back pain during her pregnancy and this was exacerbated due to physical demands of the labour and during breastfeeding. I saw Sarah Jane 4 weeks post labour and I could tell that her lower back had completely seized up. The tightness and pain that she was experiencing is common in Mothers with young children. This is often due to the repetitive strain of bending down, twisting and holding your baby while feeding. When you have a young baby certain movements become very repetitive which your body isn’t accustomed to. Actions such as leaning over to get the baby in and out of the cot can cause muscles to tighten up resulting in often debilitating back pain. During our post-natal treatment I used deep remedial massage and joint mobilisation techniques around her hips, lower and upper back to help stretch the ligaments and muscles that where restricting movement and causing her pain. I also suggested a series of stretches that will help prolong the benefits of her treatment – BLOG POST COMING SOON TO SISJ.

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In Balance Mobile Massage is an innovative new business that is leading the way in providing mobile therapies to clients around Melbourne. The business was first established in 2012 by Sports and Remedial Therapist Caitlin Plummer. They now have a number of therapists providing mobile services to all inner Melbourne and Bayside regions. In Balance Mobile Massage are dedicated to providing quality remedial massage treatments in the comfort of the client’s own home or workplace.

In Balance Mobile Massage offer treatments specifically designed for Mums and Mums-To-Be. We understand that during pregnancy your body goes through numerous changes. Remedial Massage can assist your body through your pregnancy by increasing circulation to both mother and baby, helping to reduce swelling, reduce aches and pains and assists your posture as your body changes. Our therapists make your comfort our priority we use high quality Belly Pillows so that treatments can be performed with the mother lying on her front, even during the later stages of pregnancy. It is a great way to off-load the mothers back and provides support exactly where it is needed. During each of our pre and postnatal treatments the therapist uses a unique blend of organic rose hip and grape seed oil to boost your skin elasticity and reduce the chance of stretch marks during your pregnancy. The therapist provides specialized massage techniques that will assist with circulation and removal of fluid that can pool around joints, hands, feet and ankles. In Balance Mobile Massage therapists can also provide postural taping and support to help ease your pain as your joints, muscles and skin are stressed during the pregnancy. Each treatment is unique and specifically designed to address the Mother’s individual needs.


Massage is a fantastic tool to help the parents bond with a newborn. It also improves sleep patterns, reduces crying time and assists with digestion and wind. There are many different techniques for massaging your baby, however, most involve light pressure with strokes leading towards the heart. Clockwise motions around the babies abdomen will help with digestion and tummy ache. If your little one is suffering from chest or sinus congestion there are also techniques that can help relieve these symptoms. Massage for babies can also help reduce skin irritation and eczema as the oil keeps moisture in the babies skin.

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT > P: 0433 319 609  |  E: caitlin@inbalancemm.com (p.s this is a great gift idea for expectant mummies, a baby shower gift or just because!)