21 Jun



As you know I’ve always got a lot to say ( aa-hum, about almost everything ), but what I love writing about and exploring more than anything is – BEAUTY. All-things beauty. Admittedly I am generally pretty brand-loyal when it comes to specific products, but with some products I will try just about anything. Today’s beauty post was no exception! I recently discovered Sante by ENJO. Yes, ENJO. As in those magical cleaning products and mitts you’ve seen around for years! I won’t lie, there was definitely some initial eyebrow raising on my behalf, when I first heard about these products (and saw them!). However, in the name of beauty I was happy to put my body on the line and ravish myself for the greater good! So here’s my-411 on the new Sante skin care range >


Sante is a relatively new, sustainable and very fancy skincare range. It’s been designed for women, men and teens with a strong eco-friendly presence (reusable skincare) and a focus on the NATURAL cleansing benefits of water – without the use of chemicals. This collection of fibres are incredibly gentle, but still effective in lifting skin impurities and removing dead skin cells. Sante also help maintain the natural balance of your skin’s oils. These fibres have been designed to be used on your face/neck (sensitive areas), as well as your body. P.s Cosmopolitan magazine recently voted the Sante discs as the BEST make-up remover!


I reviewed the Natural Skin Collection Beauty Bundle’ in blush (of course) below, which includes: the entire fibre range (Bamboo Face Towel, Body Mini Brush, Make-up remover set (7 pieces), laundry bag, cosmetic bag set (3 pieces), exfoliator (2 pieces), face and body glove). This set retails for $199, which is pretty reasonable considering how much many of us spend on a simple facial (!!!) and coffees per week (yup, guilty!). P.P.S these pieces are all available individually as well.


These fibres are super easy to use. Simply wet (squeezing excess water out) the fibre and cleanse in a circular motion – no cleaner or creams required. If you are wearing any waterproof mascara or setting-spray (heavy duty products!), you may require something extra though – eg. coconut oil eye make-up remover etc. For maintenance of these products, all they require is a simple wash in the laundry bag provided (in this set) on 40deg in your normal load of washing and hang out to dry – easy peasy.

  • MAKE-UP REMOVERS: use one disc per day (7 in this set) and wash weekly
  • FACE GLOVE: this is ideal for your neck (and face) and wash weekly
  • FACE TOWEL: use this daily after cleansing and wash weekly
  • BODY GLOVE: face/body exfoliation and a deeper cleanse – striped side is softer and other side is a deeper exfoliation – wash weekly as well

I personally found this approach to skincare super easy and even MG got involved (literally with her own disc!). I tend not to wear heavy make-up during the week, but even with a heavier night-time look these worked a treat! I would be avoiding waterproof mascara anyway, surely something that hard to get off can’t be good, ha?!