23 Jun



As a new mummy to a six week old baby, I can tell you I’ve found motherhood to be the most amazing life experience so far. While nothing quite compares to that newborn smell or their scrumptious little tootsies, we also can’t forget to look after OURSELVES. Every day is getting easier and it’s all about balance and priorities. For me personally, it’s important to me to remain ME – as much as possible anyway. This includes being at the forefront of current beauty trends, products and applying a little make-up each morning. I have been eyeing off these Lulu & Lipstick brushes for some time now, after seeing my friend post them on her social media. Today on the blog are my tips and tricks when it comes to make-up brushes, as well as my beauty breakdown on each of these products. Like any task, with the right tools you will see a better result. Say goodbye to your germ-ridden sponges and messy fingers!  

MY LULU & LIPSTICK BRUSHES: Lulu & Lipstick are all about exclusive brands from around the world. They believe in providing the tools and products for women to enhance what god gave them! This signature Lulu & Lipstick Brush Set is a lush 12 piece face brush set that comes tucked into a totally adorable pink faux leather case (#prettythings). These brushes are cruelty free, vegan and amazingly soft. This set includes – powder, angle blush, foundation, stippling, concealer, small shader, oval shadow, angle line, flat liner, pointed liner, crease shadow and lip. These are all designed for an effortless application – CLICK TO BUY >

BENEFITS TO USING BRUSHES: There are quite possibly too many benefits to using make-up brushes to list, however, here are a few > more hygienic, a better result, a more even coverage and you will totally look like a pro! While it can be very intimidating to know what brush to use when/how, it’s well-worth learning. Below is a breakdown of my brushes and how/when to use them. Get painting my pretties!

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THE POWDER BRUSH – if you only ever buy one brush, THIS IS THE ONE. This will give you a flawless finish, and I strongly suggest using a setting powder to complete your look

THE ANGLE BRUSH – this is the squared-off looking brush and the secret to achieving perfectly contoured cheekbones

THE FOUNDATION BRUSH – a beauty bag staple. This brush blends seamlessly and will give you an even and flawless finish

THE STIPPLING BRUSH (AKA BUFFER BRUSH) – this truly is a magic wand and has been my little secret for years now. This brush can be used for applying foundation, blush, bronzer and even highlighters. I am often asked what foundation I use and so on, however, full credit must go to this baby! THIS is what gives me flawless coverage, not the product itself (although I do use great products!)

THE CONCEALER BRUSH – this is a great one to use under your eyes, down the central line of your nose and any spot treatments with concealer (finish with a buffer to blend)

THE ANGLE LINER BRUSH – this brush has the softest bristles and the sharpest angle to create a faultless line when creating a winged/cat eye (this is fab for people like me who struggle to stay steady!)

THE FLAT LINER BRUSH – the flat liner brush has been designed so you can create a strong, but precise line (top or bottom)

THE LULU LIP BRUSH – don’t stress, you do not need to be a make-up artist to use this one! This is a great brush to use when applying your lipstick. You will be amazed at the result and how much better your lipstick will look when applied with this

THE SMALL SHADER BRUSH – this will effortlessly allow you to blend over the crease of your eye to create a soft smoky look (which I was previously hopeless at!). I have also used this on the bottom as well when doing a smoky eye (feel free to mix and match and do what works for you – there’s no right or wrong way). We are all our own artist!

THE OVAL SHADOW BRUSH – this oval rounded brush is the quickest and easiest way to apply eye make-up (day-to-day) when you just want a bitter of shimmer. If you require something a little more complex, introduce the other brushes after the base coat

THE POINTED LINER BRUSH – if you are after a brush to colour your lash line, this is the one. It’s precise and effortless in application

THE CREASE SHADOW – the trickiest part of your eye make-up application (for me anyway!) is the edges – particularly when doing a smoky eye. This has been designed to blend perfectly in this area

Lulu & Lipstick are expanding beyond make-up bags and brushes too, so stay tuned for their lipsticks and eye shadows – coming soon!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and if you have any further questions or topics requests, please let me know x