27 May



Today’s post is all about autumn/winter styling and how to achieve an effortlessly chic look.

While we all moan and groan about our cold weather, the irony is we actually have very mild conditions. The plus side of this is, having a versatile and trans-seasonal wardrobe. The trends I have focussed on today include: draped & layered styling // cashmere // oversize and monochrome. To achieve each of these individual looks, the rules are simple – rock the right attitude, know your body & incorporate outfit balance.

DRAPED & LAYERED: A layered look gives an outfit depth, it’s practical and effortless. The more layers the better (particularly if you live in Melbourne – you can rug-up and strip off within 15 seconds!). To avoid an overly bulky or contrived look, introduce balance. This can be achieved with a fitted top or jumper, paired with a cardi or coat. You can also contrast a cropped top, styled back with a drapey cardi and coat.

COSY CASHMERE: Cashmere is quite possibly the next best thing to sliced bread! It’s lightweight, warm and incredibly soft (there’s no itchy necks here!). This luxurious fabric is continually updated each season with contemporary designs, while maintaining its heritage. I am always surprised at how warm I am, regardless of feeling like I am only in a thin sweater. When it comes to styling cashmere, my preferred ‘bits’ to put on show are the pins. I love that I can style it back with a mini or midi for the cooler months – like I’ve done below. All you need now is a fabulous trench and you’re set.



(OUTFIT BREAKDOWN ABOVE > Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper in Camel – Target // Waterfall Cardigan in Camel – Target // Denim Skirt in Bleach – Target // Leopard Print skirt – Zara // Pink Tutu – Space 46 Boutique)

ALL ABOUT CASHMERE & STREET STYLE INSPO: Cashmere wool, usually known as cashmere, is a fiber obtained from Cashmere goats and other types of goat. Common usage defines the fiber as a wool, but in fact it is a hair. Cashmere is fine in texture, strong, light, and soft. Garments made from it provide great insulation. This luxuriously soft fabric is extremely versatile. It’s also ideal for layering, making it a truly tran-seasonal piece.

My street style inspo is all about easy, breezy, beautiful… style (not Cover Girl!). These outfits are perfect to throw on, practical and you’ll be out there door in no-time. They are the trends that say “I wake up looking like this”! Chic and fabulous. Keep the hair and make-up natural and don’t be afraid to rock older hair (day 2/3) – I love a bit of grit and texture.

ds5    sd4

SD 01    SD 2

(OUTFIT BREAKDOWN BELOW > Stripe Ponte Dress – Target // Winslow Coat – Morrison // LDS Casual Woven Top (Longline Shirt) – Target)

THE OVERSIZE SHIRT: This style has taken on a new life this season, pushing the limits of what was the simple “boyfriend shirt”. Without getting into specifics, the whole idea behind this look is an effortless throw-on (aka, the first thing you see lying on the floor!). As relaxed as this trend is, it’s also quite polarising regarding body image. The irony is, while oversized, styled well it’s very flattering. I would definitely avoid baggy pants or a lose skirt, opting for a fitted or tailored bottom. A cigarette pant, leggings or fitted knee-length skirt will contrast and balance beautifully. It’s important to remember to elongate your legs with this look. This can be done in several ways – bare legs, slimline point or an ankle boot (heel or without).  I also love to finish this look off with a messy top-knot, or a lose and textured wave.

MONOCHROME (STRIPES): I am a lover of monochrome styling 24/7, 365 days of the year – to say the least! In particular, I love a good stripe for a seasonal-specific nautical feel. Whether they are horizontal, vertical, thin or thick, they will make a statement. When it comes to styling the look, most will avoid bold stripe-on-stripe action – understandable. However, there are so many ways to keep this look low-key and effortlessly chic. A great look is to introduce some bleached denim or light-blue denim, whites, blacks and beiges (aka, a reasonably neutral colour palette). For stand-out style, incorporate some colour blocking and statement jewellery/bag. Good luck to those who are brave enough to try this, but I’m going to keep it simple and relaxed!



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A big thank you to Raymond Charles for my hair. I just love a lose wave – perfect for effortless AW styling. SJ x