21 Jan


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Introducing a new segment to SISJ for 2015; GIRL CRUSHES! What better way to kick it off than with a piece on my all-time FAVE, Georgina Chapman. I have admired G.C for years and years now, so it’s only fair that I share the love with you. Although my husband responds to this with a freaked-out eye roll, I just know we could besties is another life. We are both British, we love dogs, we are married to older men and we live for fashion. Ok that was totally creepy, but I think I’ve set the scene for today’s post… Enjoy!

SOME QUICK FACTS ON ‘G.C’: Georgina Rose Chapman was born on April 14th in 1976 in London, England. She is married to media mogul, Harvey Weinstein, and the couple have two children: India Pearl and Dashiell Max Robert Weinstein. She is a former model, actress and the co-founder of my all-time favourite label, Marchesa. This English Rose is also a devout dog-person.

BACKGROUND: If her family roots were any indication, Georgina Chapman could have been quite the coffee maker. Her dad, Brian Chapman, was the multimillionaire founder of Percol, an organic coffee distributor, but she used her slice of the family fortune to pursue other creative interests away from coffee beans. One of those interests was music, which took hold at 13 when Georgina Chapman launched her own band, Jesus and Mary Jane. As fun as music might have been, the idea of dressing people up became much more appealing to G.C. In 1995, she enrolled at the Chelsea College of Art, where she befriended fellow student Keren Craig (co-founder of Marchesa). While Keren concentrated on the textile side of things, Georgina Chapman focused on costuming. To pay the bills to attend both Chelsea and Wimbledon School of Art, Chapman modeled in commercials for Soothers and Head & Shoulders. G.C has since starred in several movies such as: Match Point, Awake and Factory Girl. More recently she worked on Project Runway All Stars as a judge.


sarah jane young, georgina chapman, harvey weinstein, marchesa, lifestyle blogger, girl crush, beauty blogger,

PROFESSIONAL CAREER & MARCHESA: Since taking the reigns of Marchesa, Georgina Chapman and her business partner Keren Craig have used their complimentary skills of costuming and textile design to create lavish dresses. Sometimes garnished with beads or feathers, other times boasting heavy corset designs, their work has made them regulars at Ready To Wear fashion shows since 2007. While the high-priced designs that spin from the mind of Georgina Chapman might not be found in your girlfriend’s closet, you’ve probably seen them on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway and Sienna Miller. Like other designers, Georgina Chapman’s success has given birth to a series of fashion-based personality quirks. A fashion collector at heart, she has three closets of memorabilia that date back to ’60s including big ticket items ranging from Chanel jackets to colorful Thea Porter dresses. With success has also come a high maintenance personality. Georgina Chapman reportedly turned down a bright red Mercedes convertible because it wasn’t an appropriate match for most of her wardrobe. Instead, she insisted on a silver one. We don’t hear any complaints from the person who had to “settle” for the red Mercedes.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post on my all-time FAVE #girlcrush. If you have any requests or suggestions, please comment below.

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