23 Apr

SJM DAILY TIP – healthy eating & lifestyle planning

Slow and steady wins the race! Changing your eating habits is a big deal and takes time. It is important not to rush this process, eating well is a LIFESTYLE 
Drastically changing your normal eating habits without planning ahead, can often result in you giving up, or cheating. The best thing you can do is to get ORGANISED. Plan you weekly grocery list to avoid impulse purchases on your lunch break. I also find it useful to keep a food diary, so you can track what you’ve actually eaten that day.
Another good tip is to start by cutting out wine and dessert on week nights. Leave these treats for the weekend – in moderation of course. I also try and stick to meat and vegetables only for dinner, leaving the bulk of my carbohydrate intake for breakfast and lunch (oats, wholegrain bread).
I will be posting a 7 day healthy eating plan, including a fitness routine shortly – stay tuned!