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So, today I am in one of my ‘sharing is caring’ kinda-moods and I’ve chosen to (over) share my thoughts with you all – naturally. Am I a parenting expert? Certainly not. However, I am pretty sure as a family we have been to almost EVERY. SINGLE. ANIMAL. FARM. in greater Melbourne about 76, 823 times each. Ok, I exgaterate to clarify, but listen-up y’all! Today on the blog I’ve included my top five animal farms in Melbourne, as well as a few animal activities that we’ve found to be a greeeaaat-success. Enjoy and I hope this helps!

*DISCLAIMER: please keep in mind I have a two year old daughter, so my positive/negative interactions and comments about the below farms are based on OUR experience and what two year olds need/want!

NUMBER ONE : Chesterfield Farm { 1221 Ferntree Gully Road, Scoresby }

This place holds a special place in my heart, as this was our first outing as a family after we lost Charlotte Rose in January. It was one of the first times I smiled and we couldn’t stop laughing at MG’s excited shrieks at every corner! Where do I begin? I literally cannot fault Chesterfield Farm. Their staff are ALWAYS friendly, parking is easy, there are SO many animal enclosures and you never feel as though you are on top of every other family in Melbourne. They definitely have the most interactive farm that we’ve been to, which of course MG LOVES – and we love watching. Prices are very reasonable and kids under three are FREE! Woo. 10/10 without a doubt and ideal for kids aged 14 months – six years (and then some!).

NUMBER TWO : The Big Goose { 233 Mornington-Tyabb Road, Moorooduc – enter via Stumpy Gully Road }

You’ve gotta love this place purely for its name – right?! We’ve been here several times and have never been disappointed. It’s very well planned out and again there are so many different enclosures and activities to do (from 12 months to 10 years!). It’s also wet weather friendly. It’s well sign-posted for peeps like me who can’t read maps and the staff are lovely. I thought I was going to have to bring home baby Sam the lamb last time – MG was beyond obsessed with him! In the petting barn there are about five mini pens where you can cuddle and feed the little animals – we fed Sam his milk bottle last time when he was only a few weeks old! There is a giant jumping pillow (parents – wear pants this rocks ha!), mini-golf, a tyre maze (MG’s personal fave) and several playgrounds for a variety of ages. Kids under two are free and prices are at the pricier end, but you absolutely get what you pay for.

NUMBER THREE: Animal Land Children’s Farm { 190 Duncans Lane, Diggers Rest }

Animal Land is approx. 30 min from Melbourne’s CBD, so a bit of a hike if you are south/east and bayside. Animal Land is more about the ‘farm experience’, so you are paying for a variety of actual activities, rather than just roaming. Families are able to hold, pat, feed and ride the animals and totally immerse themselves into all things #farmlyfe! You pay (can pre-book but not essential) for the tour and everything is included – $10 adults and $20 for kids. While it’s pricier than some other animal farms, you do get a lot more hands-on time which let’s face it – THE KIDS LUUUUHRVE! The tour takes about two hours, so also perfect for families who still have naps to work around! The tour includes: a pony ride, tractor ride, animal nursery, hand milking a cow, collecting eggs, feeding the ducks on the pond and lots more.

NUMBER FOUR: Pony Rides { Thomas Street South Reserve, Hampton }

This is our local and I’ve posted about a million pics of MG on Bam-Bam (her fave pony!) on my social media. It’s a pretty small operation (run by one guy) who is usually there most Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – good weather dependent. It’s $5 cash and you get to go around the oval once. It is pretty casual and we’ve only ever done it with two adults – one leading the pony and the other holding onto MG (and Bam-Bam is the tiny one!). I know other animal farms have height requirements, some of which are too high for MG, but they are also solo rides and without parents. This is one of those activities that comes down to what the parent is comfortable with and we’ve found what works for us safety wise. We do this most weekends and have NEVER had an issue. There is also the BEST playground you’ve ever seen for kids, which is also great for the little ones too. This park is buzzing on the weekends, so if you are bayside you absolutely need to check it out.  

NUMBER FIVE: Collingwood Children’s Farm { 18 St Heliers St, Abbotsford }

Based in Richmond, the CCF is pretty central which makes life a lot easier – especially when you are still juggling naps with toddlers and babies. There is a gorgeous café on-site, as well as the farmers markets next door at the Abbottsford Convent. Parking can be a slight headache, so I would suggest an early arrival or mid afternoon – avoiding the rush-times. We’ve been here several times, but more so for convenience rather than it being an overall #winnerwinnerchickendinner. I’m going to be a Debbie Downer and list a few negatives… There is very little interaction with the animals here (only once have we been able to cuddle a rabbit) and also far less enclosures/pens than my top two choices above. You can get-up close to some birds, but that pigeon flapping at feeding time nearly made me sugar my pants! RUUUUUNNN! We did get to watch them milk the cow, which the older kids were right into – so that was a plus. Unfortunately on all visits a lot of the ground staff have been rather unfriendly and appear to wish they could be anywhere else but there. Awkes I know. I don’t usually get down with it, but I really hate bad customer service and it’s not that hard to be nice! Having said that, the lady in the ticket office both times has been soooooo lovely – so whoever you are, cheers! I would definitely recommend this farm and the market next door for a Sunday-Funday activity, bearing in mind there are other farms where the kiddies can touch/play and ride some of the animals more than here.


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