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Sleep. I’m sorry come again? Sleep, I said. Ohhhh yes, that. For all my fellow mammas out there you will understand that this will probably never be the same again. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot have some me-time to unwind before bed each night. In fact I encourage you to make this a priority. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been someone who showers in the evenings and enjoys taking my time ‘getting ready for bed’! While we are all busy and life never seems to really slow down, it is absolutely still possible to do something for you and that makes you feel beautiful. This is something I’ve been very vocal about since having my first daughter, Mia Grace. Today on the blog I’m talking all-things PM beauty and reviewing the Advanced Night Repair serum and Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam by Estée Lauder.


My personal philosophy when it comes to motherhood has always been ‘each to their own’ and to do whatever makes YOU happy. I think it’s important to remind ourselves on a daily basis of the importance of OUR needs, even if they are secondary to our family’s! No woman or mother should ever be shamed by making her beauty regimes or treatments a priority. It really doesn’t need to be one or the other, it’s all about time management, but then also flexibility (like motherhood!). With this in mind, let me introduce Advanced Night Repair serum and the Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam, to your bedtime beauty regime.


I chose the Advanced Night Repair serum, as it complimented all my beauty needs (and non-negotiables) > it’s antiaging (tick, tick, tick), suitable for women at any age (remember prevention is always key!) and most importantly, because it’s designed for a PM ritual. I like to think of my skin overnight as I would my body, both need to recuperate and refuel for the next day – your skin/beauty routine should be no different.

sarah jane young, beauty blogger, mummy blogger, night beauty regime, night cream, Advanced Night Repair Serum, Advanced Night Repair serum review,

Advanced Night Repair I’ve always known I was onto something with my nightly beauty rituals – even the scientists at Estée Lauder agree with me! This product is great for all skin types and focusses on all the key signs of ageing > dryness/dehydration, dullness (hallelujah I hear you all saying!) and it’s oil-free. If you have also been searching for a product that is lightweight and will compliment your entire beauty regime, this serum is for you. I would recommend you use this on a daily basis for up to four weeks to see visible changes in your skin. You should see your skin beginning to look more radiant, and even an improvement in your overall skin tone – this is a big one for me, as it means I can confidently wear less make-up particularly during the week.

You only need a small drop, as this spreads generously. Ensure you apply it down your neck as well (one of the many beauty tips my grandmother taught me! It’s where women show their age first, and hands!).

RRP on this serum is > $98 for 30ml, $145 for 50ml

Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foamalthough the beauty market is heavily saturated with cleansers, it’s actually quite hard to find one that works well! I do wear make-up most days, so getting a really thorough cleanse after a long day is important to me. This includes all those tricky bits – in the creases of your nose, eyebrows/eyes, hairline (especially for blondes) and even the top part of your neck. This cleanser by Estée Lauder is a foaming cleanser, which I think is also key when shopping for the right cleanser. This formula is gentle and can be used daily. This cleansing foam also gives you that almost cool freshness over your skin after use, which is when I know my skin is actually clean – you can literally feel the air!

This post has been produced in association with Estée Lauder, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Belinda O'Connor
    August 25, 2016

    Stunning. I can’t wait for more tips! x

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