10 Feb



Today I am featuring the very talented and beautiful, Emma Jade – The Beauty Detoxer.

Emma has been an avid foodie for as long as she can remember. A lover of all-things creamy, rich and high in calories, Emma knew this wasn’t a sustainable eating plan. Everything changed when Emma read a book that changed her life. This book is called The Beauty Detox Solution by Hollywood celebrity nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder.

Since reading this book Emma has made some drastic lifestyle changes. She has QUIT meat, wheat (gluten), dairy and refined sugar. While she admits she has her off-days (and may sneak a little treat here and there!), the lifestyle changes are undeniable. She notices most of all her increased energy, her glowing skin and her continuous weight loss – while eating generous amounts of food. This changed in Emma’s lifestyle was way overdue. She was overweight, zapped of energy and always getting sick. She, like most of us, assumed all healthy/vegan or vegetarian food was pretty boring and unsatisfying. It wasn’t until she started experimenting with flavours and ingredients how much you can actually spice up a meal. It’s all about educating yourself on ingredient replacements and practice!

In 2014 Emma aims to start her own food blog incorporating everything she has learnt and discovered on her journey to a healthier (and yummier!) lifestyle. She hopes to create more inspiring everyday vegetarian meals and recreate her traditional comfort faves in a healthy way. Follow this beauty on Instagram for her regular recipes and food inspo > @EmmaJadeBeautyDetoxer

TODAY ON THE SISJ BLOG – Emma has created the perfect EMMA & SJ Valentines milkshake and chocolate pie! >

EMMA-JADE-01 ej-03

Her Strawberry Kiss Milkshake is a vegan shake. It’s creamy, fluffy and intensely strawberry flavoured. This recipe serves 2 large serves. Serving suggestion: wine glass with a strawberry and some almonds.

INGREDIENTS: 3 cups ice cold almond milk (preferably homemade)  /  1 punnet fresh strawberries  /  1 cup frozen strawberries  /  1 tsp vanilla extract  /  1 tbs coconut sugar  /  1 tbs chia seeds

METHOD: simply blend on high until blended (desired consistency)

EMMA-JADE-02 SISJ loves Emma Jade

The second part to your perfect Valentine’s Day treat – the EJ Raw Vegan Chocolate Love Pie!

INGREDIENTS: CRUST > 3 cups walnuts  /   1/2 cup organic shredded coconut  /   1/2 cup Medjool date paste (made with approx. 8 pitted medjool dates and 1/4 cup boiling water)  /   3 tbs organic pure maple syrup  /   1 1/2 tbs coconut oil  /   1/4 tsp Himalayan sea salt  /  1 tsp cinnamon  /  1/2 tsp nutmeg  /  FILLING: 6 ripe avocados  /  1 1/2 cups organic raw cacao powder  /  1 tsp vanilla extract  /  3/4 cup organic pure maple syrup  /  2 tbs coconut nectar  /  Pinch of Himalayan sea salt


1) to make the crust simply place the walnuts into your food processor and blend for a few seconds until crumbly but still a little chunky. Finish by blending with the remaining crust ingredients remembering to keep the texture chunky.

2) press the crust into your tart pan (or ring pan) making sure to reinforce the sides a little up the pan. This ensures a solid wall to support your filling. Then place in the freezer to set for at least an hour or ideally, overnight.

3) to make your filling, scoop out your avocado into your food processor and add all the other ingredients. Blend until smooth and luscious. Taking time to stop and scrape down the sides from time to time (or until all the little green specs of avocado are no more, and the pudding is extremely smooth). Check for taste. There’s a magical point where it just all comes together and tastes amazing! ( Sometimes the avocado flavour can still show through, if this happens, simply add a little more maple syrup and/or cacao powder to your preferred taste. However if you have blended your mix properly you shouldn’t have this problem if you follow the recipe.

4) remove the crust from the freezer and fill with your chocolate pudding filling shaping a lovely dome with a spatula. Place in the freezer again for another 30 minutes to set.

5) Serve topped with berries and enjoy with a glass of Strawberry Kiss Milkshake.

AND… enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


Lots of love, Sarah Jane & Emma Jade xxx