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Whether you loved her or hated her, Jackie Gillies was undoubtedly the most infectious and lovable member of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Her positive mantra ‘Shine, shine, shine’, truly reflects this leggy-bombshell’s inner and outer beauty. While I know very little about the psychic and spiritual world, Jackie epitomises girl power and real confidence. You don’t necessarily have to believe in her abilities, but it’s impossible not to respect and admire her passion and resilience.

I first met Jackie at the La Mascara launch a few weeks ago and was instantly drawn to her unique energy. Behind her bouncy blowave and a smile that Julia Roberts herself would envy, is a very real and thoughtful woman. I want to thank Jackie for sitting down with me last week and for her very honest interview. You are such an inspiration, girl – keep shining! 


Before we talk shop, let’s get to know the real Jackie! Tell me a little bit about your family and childhood:

I grew up in a European household with two brothers and a sister. My father migrated here from Croatia at the age of 17, where he met my mother (who is Serbian!). He arrived here with nothing to his name and the promise to create a better life for his family here and back home. We have several homes in Croatia and love travelling back there.

My day-to-day life growing up was very strict. There were no sleepovers, strict curfews but lots of love. It’s interesting though when I look back on my father’s conservative expectations, as he never pushed these onto us as adults or for us to find a partner like this. His only wish was that I find a man who makes me happy and supports me with whatever I want to do and be – Oh, and that he could sit down and have a beer with him! That was always important! I am so lucky to have met and married Ben, he lets me shine and be me.


Growing up and throughout your professional career, who has been your main mentor and why?

MUM! My mum is and has been my main inspiration. No matter what was going on in our lives growing up, she just kept moving. We all have those days where sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed, but she jumped out of bed every single day. She is such a positive little pocket-rocket and defines what strength means to me. She inspired me to also live my life like this – to be positive and to roll with whatever comes my way. This is also where my mantra of ‘shine, shine, shine’ comes from.

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The psychic and medium world is something very few of us really understand. Tell us about this connection and ability you have:

For me personally I see your past, present and future. These come at me in both images and messages – almost like a movie flipping above your head. I see these images through my third eye when I am engaged with someone, it’s actually almost like an out-of-body experience. This happens with everyone I come into contact with and I often can see/feel how people are reacting or waiting for me to say something! I am very respectful and will only give this information out with permission. In large rooms or at events you can imagine all the messages I am receiving. However, I chose to block these out – but they are there.

I believe we are all to some extent psychic and connected with the spiritual world, it’s how much we open up to it. I also have the understanding with the angels that each person I do a reading for, is meant to be there and it’s the right time. I’ve never had anyone get aggressive, as they are there for a reason. They are there to connect and for closure to move on with their life, for whatever reason. My readings are a safe place and I am completely consumed in the zone during these.


Do you recall the first time you experienced this talent, and can you share with us how it made you feel?

The first experience I had was when I was about 7 years old. While playing with my ponies and dolls I would see flashes of images. As a child I just assumed this was my imagination, but as it happened more and more I realised it wasn’t. Both my parents are also quite spiritual, so I am sure our connection is linked. There was one particular moment I experienced with my sister where I did encounter some spirits and I remember crying and being quite upset. It took me a while to not be scared and realised these spirits did actually want me to see them.

Even today there are still moments where I freak myself out! I know though that these readings and messages are for the greater good. These people come to me because something has happened in their life and they want answers. When I am completely in the zone during these readings I will pick-up on names, situations and feelings – I almost feel exactly what they felt at the time. I have to give and commit myself completely to these people. The angels would also never bring me someone who wasn’t ready to hear certain things or move on. So, I do know each time I can explore and go further into these issues and emotions.


RHOM – of course I have to ask! You carried yourself so well on the show and always appeared to rise above the B.S! While there is no-doubt you are a force to be reckoned with, what was it really like filming for 14 hours a day and did you find it overly invasive at times?

I am a very open person and always keep it real, but of course at times it was tough. I am a very positive person and did try to stay out of a lot of the drama between the other ladies. Obviously there was one particular situation that upset me, but I know in my heart I always did the right thing and stayed true to myself. I will always keep it real, even when I am being judged, and if I can inspire just one person from this show I’ve done my job.

Of course there are also things that happen off camera between filming. This show was not scripted, but there was definitely ‘characters’. The producers knew when they were searching the country for the cast members, potentially what would happen when they combined our personalities. All the content and drama after our initial meetings or re-connections though, was really happening.

I am lucky at the end of the day I go home to my amazing husband and family who understand and support me, and that’s all that matters. I had so much fun and it was an awesome experience.

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Now, let’s talk La Mascara! Firstly, congratulations and tell me how have you enjoyed working on this new and exciting project?

It’s been a fabulous journey so far and we’ve got lots of big things happening! It’s funny, when I used to say to people I was going to do this, they would laugh at me. I’ve always wanted to do this, so I came up with some design ideas and drinks – you see, cocktails are MY THING! I do want to clarify the show had nothing to do with La Mascara, this is something we were working on before and the show were happy to feature it – which was great!

If you are passionate about something and are doing it with the right intent and a pure heart, you will succeed.



If you were a colour, what would you be and why? PINK! Pink is the colour of love, baby! Radiating love.

Who is your ultimate girl crush and why? Jennifer Lopez. She’s exotic, she’s sexy, she’s very family orientated and I love her confidence. I’ve loved watching her create her brand from nothing – go girl!

What is your most unappealing habit? Biting my nails! I don’t get nervous often, but I’ve done this since I was younger.

You have beautiful skin – what is you secret? Bio Oil and AESOP Skin Hydrating Serum and that’s about it, I keep it pretty simple. It’s also great having European skin as it ages well. (P.S EVERYONE, SO DO I! I literally use both of these products and swear by them! I knew we were in-sync, Jacks!).


I hope you have all enjoyed my interview with Jackie and appreciate her honesty and humour. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Jackie is one amazing woman. Her presence is like nothing I’ve ever experienced with anyone else and she leaves you feeling confident and energised. Her refreshing honesty is to be admired and I know great things are going to happen for her, and her lovely hubby, Ben. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and I now know why I our paths have crossed – so, thank you. SJ x 


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