Charlotte Rose


On January 10th 2017 at 8.10am our second daughter, Charlotte Rose Young, was born into heaven at 21 weeks. The pain of losing a child is indescribable and something no parent should ever have to endure. As we embark on this long journey of healing back to our happy place as a family, we find ourselves adjusting to a ‘new normal’ and one with a totally different perspective. We have accepted we will never have any answers and that unfortunately, life just chose us. Life chose our baby.

On January 10th part of me died with Charlotte Rose, but I am determined not to let this loss shadow her tiny and beautiful existence. I promised her our home would forever be filled with roses, I promised to acknowledge her arrival into this world and honour her memory until the day we meet again.


In the days after losing our little rose petal, I knew I needed to work on a project I could pour my heart and energy into for her, and for other families who understand this pain and loss. I reached out to one of my very best friends of over 17 years, Joanna French, who is the owner and creative genuis behind Shanghai Suzy. I asked if we could create a lipstick in her honour and donate the proceeds to an organisation that supports those affected by pregnancy and infant loss. Being the wonderful person that she is, she was on-board 100% and promised to make this so, so special.

For me, my escape has always been my writing – hence why I started She is, Sarah Jane. I heal through my words. In the days and weeks following Charlotte Rose’s passing, I wrote several blog posts about how I was dealing with the grief, but also mentioned a little teddy bear we received at the hospital. This was a teddy from Bears of Hope and it was in loving memory of a little boy called Harry Keightley, born on 13th November 2010. I expressed how grateful we were for receiving this teddy bear and that one day I would love to get in touch with Harry’s parents and thank them. Four days later this happened and what followed was truly amazing.

Harry’s beautiful mummy emailed me and said a friend had seen my post and told her. She shared in the grief of losing a baby and then told me 14 months after they lost Harry they conceived their ‘rainbow baby’, and that her name is Charlotte Rose! She also mentioned it was her fifth birthday the very next day! To this day when I think of this it still gives me tingles and I have faith this was the first of many signs from our darling angel. I speak with Harry’s mummy regularly and she has been an incredible source of support. After receiving

this initial email I knew Bears of Hope was the one! Bears of Hope comfort, acknowledge, inform, empower and guide families during their time of loss. FOR GRIEF SUPPORT PH: 1300 11 HOPE / DONATE DIRECTLY TO BEARS OF HOPE:


Together with love, support and hours of work and dedication, I’ve been lucky enough to have an incredible team of friends behind me to be able to make this happen. The gratitude and respect we have for each and every one of you is so deep. Thank you for helping us honour our darling Charlotte Rose, while also so selflessly ensuring organisations like Bears of Hope can continue providing the support that families like ours’ need.


Charlotte Rose – our little rose petal, while our hearts will never fully recover from losing you, your legacy will keep them beating strong. We love and miss you every single day and you will forever be a part of our family.

Mummy & Daddy x

We hope you all can enjoy this beautiful lipstick we’ve created and wear it with pride. This Charlotte Rose x Shanghai Suzy lipstick is in loving memory of Charlotte Rose Young and all the babies who grew their tiny wings too soon.