27 Feb

INGLOT COSMETICS – you will never use another eye shadow again!

inglot2If you haven’t already, you must visit an Inglot store ASAP! Their eye shadow and lip colour selection is fantastic. Both are incredibly smooth and do not deteriorate over time, like many other brands.
Their ‘Freedom System’ palletes allow you to mix and match a variety of colours and variations, and are travel/handbag friendly too (bonus!). These can be purchased individually, and just add as you go. The matte and pearl eye shadows are both beautiful – I love pairing three colours; two x matte, and one x pearl/shine as the highlight.
PRICES: Are VERY, VERY reasonable!
– individual square refills are $10.00
– rainbow refills ( x 3 colours in a square) are only $13.00
– palletes range from $15.00 – $25.00 depending on size/quantity
Make-up is one thing you should never skimp $$$ on, that’s why Inglot is so AMAZING ahh! It feels like you are wearing a $80.00 Dior or Estee Laude for no more than $30.00 – insane.
Don’t forget a good eye shadow brush that allows you to blend without irritating your skin. You should only use natural brushes, NOT synthetic – a big no, no!
Happy blending,