6 Dec



Yep, we’re back at it – CHRISTMAS CRAFTS X MESSY PLAY! Another year of finding glitter in places that have never even seen the light of day! Ouch. Last year we created some bespoke gift bags together, but this year we’ve introduced some wood crafts and personalised cards to the mix – HOW FANCY!?

Last year I did a big shop-up at a few different places (Spotlight, Target, IKEA, Officeworks & local $2 shop), but this year I just went nuts at Riot! Art & Craft. I would actually like to apologise to the people behind me at the register that day… When I was paying for my four million items, Max started screaming, (naturally), so I took him out of the pram and put him over my shoulder – oops, hello PROJECTILE VOMIT! I was totes crying/dying on the inside, but I never lost sight of the prize – THE BEST MESSY PLAY SESSION TO DATE! At the moment it’s imperative that I make one-on-one time with MG a priority, so when MAXIBON sleeps – we play! Below are some images of our before/during/after items and how I’ve styled them in our home. For some reason MG has been infected with this obsession for unicorns and rainbows, hence why they feature so heavily! The love of pink is in her DNA – duh! I don’t have the heart to tell her that unicorns don’t really exist. Awkes. 

RIOT! ART & CRAFT // if getting out the house in December and the thought of your kid also vomiting at the register is too much, I totally get it. So, order online! When it comes to craft activities though, I’m a little old school – I like to see/touch before I buy. However, there’s also a thing called reality. Check out their wood craft section, there are so many pieces to choose from – butterflies, dinosaurs, unicorns (!!!), fairies, jewellery boxes, as well as Christmas-ie pieces. These are FAB for Christmas presents, especially for the grandparents/family. There are a trillion more pieces to chose from in-store though. All the washable and kid-friendly paints, glitter, stencils and brushes that you see below, were also purchased from here. Don’t be afraid to get messy, there’s nothing better than creating memories with your little ones – especially before they are ‘too cool’ for us… Ughhh.

SJ x