19 Nov


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18 months into the #mumlife thing, I can safely say, you will probably never sleep the way you used to again – when it comes to quantity, anyway. Quality sleep on the other hand is definitely a possibility with the right tools though! Personally, quality sleep is the difference between a great day and a pretty average one (to put it lightly!). I suffered quite severe back pain during my pregnancy with MG and unfortunately, that has continued until now. I am also what is known as a ‘solo sleeper’ – I believe bed (for the most part anyway!) is for sleep and sleep only. I am not a little spoon, nor am I a big spoon – I am an upside-down starfish! I also want minimal disturbance and maximum recharging of my body and beauty batteries! With all this in mind, I recently reviewed SleepMaker’s new Cocoon bed range, which focuses on allowing you to achieve your most beautiful sleep. Below is my advice/tips for others with an ouchie back and more info about this new luxe range.


See, this #mumlife thing takes over your life! This is the title of the song I sing (totes made-up of course!) to MG when we are getting ready for bed each night, ha! Anyway, back to adult stuff. After a few recent SOS visits to my Myotherapist and having to stop training for the last three weeks due to the severity of my back pain, I went back to basics and explored how (and on what!) I actually sleep. High on the priority list was also waking-up feeling totally refreshed, rejuvenated and that I actually accomplished my #beautysleepgoals – you ALL know what I am talking about!

I discovered the personalised sleep questionnaire SleepMaker offer on their website, which lets you indicate how firm/soft you like your mattress, disturbance between you and your partner, temperature, sleeping positions, you name it. My list of must-haves and itttsues pointed me in the direction of the Cocoon range. Otherwise known as the MOST beautiful sleep, woo-hoo I am singing as I come down the stairs feeling fabtastic, ha!

SleepMaker, sarah jane young, mummy blogger, Cocoon range, Cocoon mattress, luxe mattress


At SleepMaker they believe your bed is your own dream world and it should be a time to celebrate the simple pleasures in life (silence, sans small humans etc!)– AAAAAA-MEN! That’s why the Cocoon range will make all your dreams and then some, come true! They have combined luxury materials like silk and cashmere, with the most advanced comfort technologies provides the ultimate in comfort. It also contains the fancy-pants Sensorzone® Sleep System and each spring sits separately within a Dreamfoam® core. In tired mum-terms that means your partner (or any additional little humans and their ten toys!) will virtually remove all movement disturbance. Each of the mattress quilts are individually designed for your needs and are extremely breathable (for those other steamy sleepers like me!). You can also custom the base of the bed to include some draws – a must! One can never have too much storage! This is also a fab hiding place from those sneaky little ones!

Since testing this mattress, my sleep quality (and back pain) has definitely improved and I’ve woken feeling much lighter and brighter. I would absolutely put this down to not only the right fitting, but also the sleep technologies that ensure there is minimal/no disturbance and I an sleep happily ever after on my own side!